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Help with the boys!

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ArthurChristmas Fri 28-Aug-15 08:38:19

I am about to launch into shopping for Chrimbo, just waiting to finish holidays! I need help please. Bargain thread usually deals with kids and ladies but I have a lot of men to buy for and every year is same, no idea. So please share your ideas here!

To buy: DF, DB, DBIL, boys between 12-18.

I know money and vouchers are easy way out but they also cost face value and I need bargains!

TheOnlyPink Fri 28-Aug-15 14:17:21

I bought my dad some leather touch screen compatible gloves from they have a sale tab with some nice things. Might be suitable for your brother or brother in law?

ArthurChristmas Sat 29-Aug-15 06:46:10

Thanks Pink although both are techno phones. I might have a look for one of the older teens.

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 29-Aug-15 06:58:17

Groupon / Living Social vouchers for stuff?

Im getting some family members a voucher to do an "Escape From a Room" challenge - LS selling them for half the usual price.

Crazyshit Sat 29-Aug-15 08:51:26

Whats your budget?
How about clothes?

Crazyshit Sat 29-Aug-15 09:00:50

A few clothes from the next sale section.

Notso Sat 29-Aug-15 09:20:59

I have had some success with getting gift vouchers discounted. Some of theses might be ones for next year though.
iTunes ones are often reduced. Especially in the run up to Christmas.
Amazon had an offer on their vouchers last year, it was something along the lines of if you bought £30 worth you got a £10 one free. I used the £30 to buy something I was going to anyway.
I joined a Debenhams thing I heard about through the bargain thread where you bought a £15 voucher and if enough people bought one it was doubled.
I get paid in vouchers through TopCashback.
If you are with O2 you get 10% of your top ups back. You can claim and use as credit or save and convert to vouchers. I save mine throughout the year and give the voucher as a gift.

ArthurChristmas Sat 29-Aug-15 15:45:08

Few things I have never heard of so off to investigate! Thanks. Very intrigued by discount on Amazon vouchers, that could sort a large number in one go smile

Flomple Sun 30-Aug-15 03:13:08

Whisky, proper beer
cufflinks - I noticed they seem v popular in the office lately and DH has started buying cufflinky shirts, so handily he needs more cufflinks.
Cufflink box
Do any of them like to cook, or need to learn? Foodie cookery books for the former, basic cookery books for the latter. Nigel slater suits either.

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