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Talk to me about stockings

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GloGirl Sat 22-Aug-15 11:03:23

Who gets them? Grown ups or just children?
Are they from parents or Father Christmas?
If you fill the stockings and grown ups have them too, who fulls yours?

Can't decide if it's a tradition I want to get into.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 22-Aug-15 11:10:23

Father Christmas fills stockings! Who else would??

MidnightDinosaur Sat 22-Aug-15 11:15:32

Only children get stockings and Father Christmas fills them.

I got lovely ones made from a WAHM on FB, I choose the fabric (traditional of course wink and she embroidered their names on the cuffs. the stockings were left under the tree by the elves on Christmas Eve for the dc to find and take to bed with them.

GloGirl Sat 22-Aug-15 11:16:38

Ooh cam you PM me a link please Dinosaur?

MidnightDinosaur Sat 22-Aug-15 11:22:41

Oh wow, it was about 4 years ago now and we've moved countries since then. I'll have a search and see if I can remember her name.

Whatabout Sat 22-Aug-15 11:26:10

Everyone gets a stocking, my DH does me a disappointing one but sort of does it. They are what FC bring, all other gifts are from parents as I don't want a myth taking the credit for what I've bought as it leads to confusion on affordability. I might sew the kids one this year as I'm on maternity leave. I am trying to stick to the same sort of things each year and make as much of it "useful" as possible.

MidnightDinosaur Sat 22-Aug-15 11:34:09

Her page is called Sugar Mouse Sewing room. Look in her Christmas album and you'll see the stockings. smile

storybrooke Sat 22-Aug-15 11:57:08

We all get a stocking grin Dh does mine and I do his and we both do the kiddos. They're from Santa and we have one Santa present each dc (unwrapped but bows) and everything else is from whoever gets it. For us I think its important to give credit to the people who make that effort. Its a really personal one though, I know people who everything is from santa and some who don't let their dcs believe in him at all.

twirlypoo Sat 22-Aug-15 12:01:10

There's just me and ds in our house and we both get a stocking cos I don't want him to think Santa thinks I've been naughty. Plus, to be quite frank, I bloody well want some treats too grin

So in our house, Santa ahem fills them, then leaves them on the ends of our beds. Or, as is most likely, on the end of my bed seeing as ds is rarely in his!

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 22-Aug-15 12:53:12

Stockings come from Santa, and the children and dog get one!

FC/Santa fills the stocking! He also very nearly got caught by ds last year. Thankfully ds has a nice high headboard,with the bed sideways to the wall, so 'Santa' could quickly dive behind it and crouch for ages hiding waiting for data to go back to sleep so he could finish his job. .

Why did I ever agree to the stocking being up on his bed?!

A knitting friend of mine makes gorgeous Christmas stockings and the one I bought from her for ds will last forever and is much loved smile

*ds not data - stupid phone. Although, to be fair, Data would be quite an appropriate name for my boy! grin

StrumpersPlunkett Sat 22-Aug-15 22:51:39

Everyone in our house gets a stocking so this year with m&p il
Staying with us they too will have one
Have been buying bits already

SalemSaberhagen Sat 22-Aug-15 23:01:02

DM does one for DP and me (we are both almost 30 grin)

We do DD's stocking

Loki17 Sat 22-Aug-15 23:20:40

Only dd gets a stocking. She hangs it at the end of her bed and Santa fills it. She opens it in our bed on Christmas morning. Last year, she was 3.5 and thought that the stocking was her only presents. The stocking contained bubble bath, a hair brush, a teddy bear, a torch and yo yo and some chocolate. DD sat on my bed saying 'oh thank you santa, I'm a lucky girl aren't I?' When we went down stairs and she saw her modest pile of proper presents she almost burst. It was lovely.

SalemSaberhagen Sat 22-Aug-15 23:23:19

Oh Loki that's so sweet! What a lovely little girl you have smile

Oh bless her Loki she sounds lovely! smile

FixItUpChappie Sat 22-Aug-15 23:46:28

My parents got stockings with a few bits from Santa then topped off by everyone with various little gifts. We just stopped doing one for them last year and I'm nearly 40 blush - it became too much to fill everyone's stockings now that we all have kids, spouses etc.

wigglesrock Sun 23-Aug-15 08:06:22

Loki that's lovely, I remember when dd1 was about the same, she had her presents from Santa in our house then we went to my mums for the day, when we got back, she couldn't believe that her presents were still there and they'd be hers forever smile , she's 10 now <sigh>.

Our kids get stockings from Santa, everything comes from Santa in our house. The kids put them on the end of their beds and they're put back on the floor beside their beds. When they wake up they get them then come into bed with us - exactly the same way I did with my parents. Usually funny little stuff in them - hair bobbles, pens/crayons, sweets, bubble bath, earrings, funny socks. My husband and I don't do them for each other but my mum still does one for me, I'm 41! Every year she says she'll stop them she twitches around the second week of Dec wink

tropicalphilosophical Sun 23-Aug-15 08:10:48

Everybody in my house gets a stocking grin

AsTimeGoesBy Sun 23-Aug-15 08:23:46

Just children here, left empty on beds and filled by Father Christmas.

Loki17 Sun 23-Aug-15 08:38:19

Aw Wiggle that is so sweet! I'd do stocking and the christmas eve hamper as a way of extending the magic. I don't go to any extra cost but it just breaks up the day a little more and keeps the excitement going. I love Christmas. grin

boobubsmum Sun 23-Aug-15 11:42:22

Children get a stocking and that's their present from santa. I'm going to do one for DH this year with just silly little bits like chocolates and cards against humanity blister packs because we open tree presents a lot later than his family and he starts climbing the walls. My parents tried to start a tradition by which everyone got a stocking when I was a kid, but we soon discovered that stockings for 12 people is insane....

fuzzpig Sun 23-Aug-15 12:44:31

I love doing stockings! Sometimes DH and I have done them for each other, but we've gone back to just doing them for the DCs now in the interest of frugality.

We've always said that FC fills the stockings (as well as leaving one or two 'main' presents by the tree)

They get maybe one or two bits that would count as 'tat' (last year they got a wooden spinning top with patterns to colour) but the rest is something useful/long lasting, like little Lego sets, DVD, small cuddly toy or something. And character undies/socks. That's mandatory grin

NeverNic Sun 23-Aug-15 14:40:25

Our son's are still too little to really question where presents come from
As a child we were told that stocking presents, our main presents and maybe 2-3 presents were from Fc, the rest from our parents. As we got older and suspicious, we were told that our parents paid fc for our presents.

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