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What are you buying your relatives?

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onehellofaride Mon 17-Aug-15 10:30:15

I know exactly what I'm getting the DC and I've made a good start with buying them. Completely stuck however on ideas for other relatives.

I need to buy for both sets of parents and both sets of grandparents so looking for inspiration! What is everyone planning to buy this year?

attheendoftheday Mon 17-Aug-15 10:39:22

I think we'll get mil an adult colouring book and nice pencils as she's talked about wanting to try some.

Might get db some tickets to have a go in the Crystal Maze if I can stretch to it.

No ideas for dm, and thank goodness we no longer exchange with bil and sil, just the kids.

onehellofaride Mon 17-Aug-15 10:53:22

Crystal Maze sounds like a great present! It's given me the idea to get SIL and BIL a voucher for Escape Rooms instead of the pain in the arse hamper I was going to do!

attheendoftheday Mon 17-Aug-15 16:17:24

Ooh, I'm doing an escape room for my birthday in a couple of weeks! I think a voucher would be a great idea!

Boutonneux Mon 17-Aug-15 17:32:26

Both of my parents have their birthday before Christmas too, so they've got the following (all already got blush):

Mum b'day - leather purse, glass nail file and face masks (last item was her request!)
Dad b'day - bird feeding station and 2 huge sacks of feed/seeds (I am so excited to give him this, I know he'll love it, he loves feeding the birds in his garden)

Mum Christmas - cashmere cardigan from M&S (sale earlier in the year!) and FCUK smellies set (Boots sale after last christmas)
Dad Christmas - Jasper Conran dressing gown and matching slippers in a fancy gift box (Debenhams sale after last Christmas).

I don't have a lot of spare money so I have to shop throughout the year... this way my meager budget stretches a bit further and people get much nicer presents that I technically should be able to afford wink For example, budget for my Dad for Christmas is around £20.00 - if I just went normal shopping now I'd struggle to get a nice dressing gown and slippers for that price. The Debenhams one was reduced from £50 to £20 so everyone's a winner.

onehellofaride Mon 17-Aug-15 17:59:16

They sound fab presents! I buy all year round but tend to leave the bigger items until after July when all the DC's birthdays are done! Sadly all those relatives except 1 have birthdays before Christmas too!

I have just bought the bird nest box with the camera in that someone kindly linked on another thread for DH's grandparents. They will love it!

I thought about a purse for DMIL but they travel to India quite often and tend to get things like that there.

Boutonneux Mon 17-Aug-15 20:13:10

Those birds nest boxes with the cameras look brilliant but my parents are complete technophobes sadly grin Both getting on a bit too, often try to switch over the telly with the phone and answer the remote control; that sort of thing. Mum will take her mobile out with her "safe and sound in my bag love" but firmly switched OFF to "save the battery" hmm

DeliveredByKiki Tue 18-Aug-15 06:56:16

Does anyone have the link for birds nest box thing?!

onehellofaride Tue 18-Aug-15 10:43:40

I'm rubbish with Amazon links! It's this one.

Hoolit Tue 18-Aug-15 10:54:54

So glad I clicked on this thread my DG will love the bird box thanks.

I know you said you had done your dc but my dd11 just had a junior zoo keeper experience at south lakes safari park and raved about it, well worth the money and something to look forward to plus the park is fabulous. It was £65 for the experience but entry to the park is free for under 15.

onehellofaride Tue 18-Aug-15 12:05:52

DD would love that! Think that might have to be one for her birthday!

Woofsaidthedog Tue 18-Aug-15 12:25:21

For my DM, I am getting a 2015 Sudoku book, a Mindfulness Colouring book and nice pencils, some perfume, and I am making her some diabetic-friendly biscuits which I will pop in a decorated jar.
I am completely stuck for gift ideas for my darling, wonderful, difficult-to-buy-for MIL, my Dad and my awkward BIL. This thread has actually given me some inspiration though so thanks to all!

KittyCatPumpkin Thu 20-Aug-15 12:30:56

MIL - Harris Tweed necklace
FIL no idea, probably some naice beer
Dad - He collects pop vinyls so one of them
Mum - Sports direct are doing playboy perfume for £3 atm, don't like playboy, but smells lovely, so that and prob some amber earrings

Im hoping that I can just limit relative spending to those four this year, as it does get a bit ridiculous, Me and DH are only children so no nephews/nieces to buy for

lavazzzalover Fri 21-Aug-15 08:54:45

We dont have many adults to buy for.

Dad - beer/dvd/Debs voucher (but he is always telling us not to bother!!)

BIL - wine/book/jumper
DB & SIL - fat face gift set and sanctuary set.

Then 2 nieces/3 nephews.

onehellofaride Fri 21-Aug-15 10:40:45

I think I might get FIL a nice pen.
This Cross one is quite nice

MargaretHale Sat 22-Aug-15 20:23:47

Thank you for linking the birds nest box it's great!

TheImprobableGirl Sat 22-Aug-15 20:44:30

Oooh get the nest box!! Twas me that linked and it really was ideal for my dgrandparents grin

RavioliOnToast Mon 24-Aug-15 10:20:33

Nothing. We've stopped gifts for adults this year.

we have 2 DC's this year and only one wage.

onehellofaride Wed 09-Sep-15 19:24:11

DGF is now sorted for
Christmas so just a birthday present to think of for him for December. I've got him tickets for truckfest!

Still no ideas for PIL or DSF

slithytove Wed 09-Sep-15 19:31:16

Mum - adult colouring set
Dad - James Bond monopoly
Sister - photography coffee table book
Bil - new mug and nice tea

In laws and brother, no idea

Pengweng Sat 12-Sep-15 18:56:10

My mum gets perfume and PJ's (every single year she asks for the same thing).

My sister never gets anything as everyone buys the kids so we made a deal to buy each other lots of silly things instead of spending lots on each others kids when they already get too much. I normally do a box of all the beauty stuff she likes plus nice pj's and slippers, fancy chocolate etc.

PIL - DH is responsible for buying his parents so not sure but normally something foody/wine related.

My grandparents are all dead : ( but i normally make DH's GP's some marmalade, jam and chutney and send it up with nice biscuits and some home made fudge along with a new daily soduku challenge. They like to do them together and fight about it. Very sweet.

I would love an adult colouring book and nice pencils.

onehellofaride Mon 14-Sep-15 22:27:07

Thinking of doing my DM a luxury stocking.

Ideas so far are:
Small bottle of Moët
Nice chocolates
Temple Spa product
Espa candle

Any other ideas?

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