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Fabric advent calendar...

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BooChunky Sun 16-Aug-15 10:18:20

I'm trying to find an advent calendar I can string along a long wall in my kitchen with 24 large pockets / stockings on it... I have a wooden one but the boxes are tiny and this year my DD's are obsessed with Tsum Tsums and I've almost collected 48 of them to put 2 in per day...

Every one I find has tiny pockets or stockings, has anyone seen anything like this?

milkmilklemonade12 Sun 16-Aug-15 12:10:54

how about this?

You can get small, medium or large pouches to suit your needs. I only have a DS so he's not into Tsum Tsums, but with the large pouches measuring 15x17cm that should be more than large enough? Especially if you are getting them one each per day? Medium is 10x12cm.

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