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Does anyone know when Smyths will do their 20% off this year?

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LivinLaVidaLoki Sun 16-Aug-15 07:43:58

Every year Smyths do a 20 percent off everything in store when their new catalogue comes out.
I always thought it was about this time of year but not heard anything yet. Does anyone know?

chanie44 Sun 16-Aug-15 08:01:38

Last year, I think it was in sept/October.

scarletforya Sun 16-Aug-15 08:02:31

Yeah, September afaik.

LivinLaVidaLoki Sun 16-Aug-15 08:09:33

Phew. I thought it was earlier, but so relieved Ive not missed it grin

hippoherostandinghere Sun 16-Aug-15 10:28:08

It's normally about the 3rd week sept.

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