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Ideas for boys under 7...

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milkmilklemonade12 Tue 11-Aug-15 20:37:08

I know lots of us struggle with our DS' presents, so I wonder if we could have a little thread to discuss what we are getting our boys this year?

DS will be 5 and I've had a few ideas, but would be super grateful to hear more...

GLTC garage this one just looks more durable than the plastic ones which is my sole reason for buying it really. The lifts always break!!

magnatiles I'd never heard of them until someone mentioned them on MN, DS enjoys Lego though so I'm hoping these will be a hit. They are expensive though shock

maxi micro because his mini micro is getting a bit battered now.

Any more for any more?

milkmilklemonade12 Tue 11-Aug-15 20:37:36

Forgot to say, you can get magnatiles on Amazon wink

Oly4 Tue 11-Aug-15 20:39:51

My son will almost be four and I'm planning a digital camera (kid friendly), Playmobil, Lego juniors, books and DVDs, puzzles, Operation the game

milkmilklemonade12 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:04:34

We got a kidizoom last year and DS likes to take photos of his Lego with it grin

Operation never got played with more than once, it wasn't massive hit sad

OhHolyFuck Tue 11-Aug-15 21:14:32

DS1 (5 at Christmas) has asked for skylander figures, disney vinylmation figures and lego

Have already got him a big Marvel character encyclopedia - nice coffee table, big hardbacked one, was £30 down to £5 on amazon
Also some skylander figures that were free on o2 priority
Some Pjs - a good deal on

Poor DS2 (2.5) not doing nearly as well!

1122christy Wed 12-Aug-15 13:41:13

My sons 7 but still loves the same things from the past few years mainly anything Lego related. One good toy he loved and has asked for more this Xmas was hero mashers - avenger, transformers and Jurassic world (they are figures you can mix and match with each other).
Other things he has loved last Xmas is Disney infinity, skylanders and this year he wants Lego dimensions.
Hama beads is actually quite good, I got them for his younger sister (5) but he loved them too made iron man face, minion, Minecraft stuff.
Minecraft figures.

JammyGeorge Wed 12-Aug-15 17:31:24

I've got 2 boys they'll be 5 & 3 at Xmas and I've got most of the things on your list on mine!

I've been looking at the magnatiles and playmags as I'd like a decent present for ds2 that will last but I just can't get over the price, I showed them to DH the other day he nearly keeled over.

They seem to like cars and trains, I'm looking for a decent garage and the one you linked looks ideal. I also don't think you can go wrong with a remote control car they are always a hit.

Ds1 should like Lego but at the moment he just likes boxes of mixed Lego to make what he wants rather than sets they just get smashed up and lost.

He got thunderbird 2 from a 2nd hand shop a few months ago and is now desperate for Tracey island but the price of that is making my eyes water.

HerdOfRhino Thu 13-Aug-15 12:11:16

Good idea for a thread, op.

Ds will be 22 months at Christmas.

His main presents will be: -

Play Doh
Wow Toys x 2
Remote control bus - Bought cheaply from Sainsburys. It says from 18 months +

Bunny Boo - I actually got this game from The Happy Puzzle Company. I am a bit reluctant to do a link because last time I did a link on the Christmas bargain thread, I messed up blush

milkmilklemonade12 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:48:20

YY to the price of magnatiles jammy, they are horribly expensive. I am pretty keen for them to be played with, but obviously you can't predict that. I'm thinking of buying a small set for his birthday (5 in October) and tbh he's a very obsessive boy and has 2 or 3 things he loves and everything else can go hang... So I'll let you know how they go down grin

KTlee Thu 13-Aug-15 20:01:35

My boys will be 12 and 11 at Christmas

I'm thinking of getting the following...

DS 12
- a gaming chair
- Some lego technic
- Some airfix
- Skullcandy head phones

DS 11
- Marvel lego
- Graphic novels
- Pokémon cards
- Dr who gifts

DS2 is 11 next week and we have got him a pogostick for his birthday smile

KTlee Thu 13-Aug-15 20:09:34

Just realised the title is boys under 7 oops

I don't have one of those smile

milkmilklemonade12 Thu 13-Aug-15 22:42:57

KTlee not at all, it's nice to add ideas. DS is into Ninja Turtles so I think I will get him some Ninja Turtles cards for his stocking <makes notes> it's handy to jog my memory, so thanks!

Also got another fan of just the Lego Classic here; I think children of all ages benefit from it. Am staying with my mum and she and DS sat and built a bad guy jail this afternoon wink

omama Thu 13-Aug-15 23:43:31

DS turns 5 soon & his main presents will be ninjago & lego movie lego, a scooter plus avengers/turtles dressing up.

For Christmas we are thinking of getting him a bike or disney infinity.

Other stuff he's into - hero mashers, ninja turtles, transformers, star wars, power rangers - so anything along those lines, be it figures or dressing up, he will love.

I also like the magnatiles - looked at them last year but think vv expensive so couldn't justify.

Maybe a marble run?

If we didnt already have a ton of lego bricks from dh's childhood I'd buy a generic brick box too.grin grin

HerdOfRhino Mon 16-Nov-15 20:13:23

Sorry, I am just posting so I don't lose track of my list!

CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 16-Nov-15 20:29:33

My DS will have just turned 7 at Christmas. For birthday and Christmas (haven't decided what to give for which yet!) he's getting/asked for (and these are from relatives too...not just us!):
Ninjago lego sets
Ninjago airjitsu flyer
Nerf gun (the crossbow one...I relented!)
Personalised football shirt
A globe with night sky map too
Deadly 60 dvd
See inside How Things Work book
One Direction CD
Scalextric set
Spy kit
A more complex jigsaw puzzle than he's used to!
Lego watch
Star Wars mashers
Poster for his room

A massive hit last year was Hot Wires electronics set. He plays with it again and again. It's quite expensive though...I think Snap Circuits jr is similar and cheaper.

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