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Presents for a nearly 2 year old?

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mommathatwearspink Mon 10-Aug-15 00:12:30

Starting to think about Christmas presents for my DD who will be 20 months at Christmas. We want things that will last her throughout the year. The only thing on our list so far is a wooden kitchen.
What did your little ones love at that age?

Viasabat Mon 10-Aug-15 00:16:45

My 20 month old loves her wheely bug. And her pushchair and dolly. Also obsessed with her wooden kitchen.

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 10-Aug-15 08:53:26

My DS was 23 months last Christmas. Biggest hits for him were:

Toot Toot Drivers
Craft stuff (foam stickers and a hardbacked, child's scrapbook from Sainsbury's were his favourites)
Photo album filled with photos (picked up a lovely hungry caterpillar one in the Works)
Happyland Rocket - wasn't interested at first but in the last few months he's really enjoyed playing with it.

CookieMonstersAngryTwin Mon 10-Aug-15 09:40:59

My dd will be 20 months too. Her list includes the rosebud dolls house, minus tiny pieces, (she loves playing with her cousins), silvercross pram, baby annabell, dolls cot, jigsaws/books, minnie mouse car set and dressing up box with a couple of dresses and costume jewellery, not sure what else yet to spilt between xmas and bday. With her having a Feb birthday I'm wanting to get her things she'll love throughout the year.

From last year shes still hooked on a fisher price handbag with mirror/keys etc in, fisher price pig money box and squeeky eggs. Can't see her outgrowing them anytime soon. From ds old toys she plays with 123 large zoo and wooden train tracks. I'm thinking of wow toys as well, shes really interested in ds campervan and vehicles too.

Hope that helps! smile

CookieMonstersAngryTwin Mon 10-Aug-15 09:43:09

Also scuttlebug and cosy coupe are regularly used by both her and ds!

mommathatwearspink Tue 11-Aug-15 00:27:30

Theres some great ideas there, thank you smile
We already have a Cosy Coupe, Wheely Bug and a Scramble Bug.

BooChunky Tue 11-Aug-15 00:49:30

My DD loves a trolley!

DoItTooJulia Fri 14-Aug-15 17:34:06

Play doh
Threading beads/buttons
Pairs type game
Schleich type animals are a big hit here
People (elc, happy land, whatever,)
Musical instruments
Drawing toys, easel, paints sort of thing
DVDs start to be enjoyed around that age
Interstar rings
Any role play, shopping especially here!
Big puzzles

1122christy Fri 14-Aug-15 18:40:45

My daughter loved getting her Disney princess little people castle, figures and ariel & Cinderella coach. Argos are dang the castle for £30 instead of £60 the now, I think because they are bringin out a new version of Xmas. My daughter has played this from ages 14 months to now and she's be 3 in November.

She also loves the Disney store animator dolls, these are Disney princess dolls the Disney artists have made to look like toddlers, she likes to push them about in her pram. She also loved getting a similar doll but was from b&m it was belle and came with Mrs Potts, chip and cake stand. Iv seen Cinderella ones too.

Also the aquadoodle rainbow set was brill, basically a mat, pens and sponges you dip in water and draw. So no messy paint.

HerdOfRhino Fri 14-Aug-15 19:57:48

Ds will be 22 months at Christmas.

His main presents will be: -

Play Doh
Wow Toys x 2
Remote control bus - Bought cheaply from Sainsburys. It says from 18 months +. I am not sure if he'll understand how it works straight away but he'll grow into it.

I have got him a game called Bunny Boo as well. It was from The Happy Puzzle Company. It says from age 2. He might have to grow into that as well.

I can't really get him big presents as such, as we have quite a small living space.

He loves his plastic toy animals, so if anyone's dc doesn't have those, I would recommend those as a gift.

HerdOfRhino Sat 15-Aug-15 16:15:28

Have also bought a wooden toy zoo playset. I really must hold back a bit now. I don't want to feel like I am living in a warehouse, trying to store all my bargain Christmas presents. grin

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