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Nerf versus cheaper brands/ suitable age?

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Methenyouplus4 Sun 09-Aug-15 07:21:22

My son has had need guns bought for him before but never bothered with them; hubby argued it was because he didn't have anyone to play them with (though still never bothered when friends were over).

At Christmas he'll be 11 and little brother will be 3 (just), is it worth getting them?

At the moment I've just ordered John Lewis own brand in sale but have a feeling hubby will want to return then and buy nerf (I'm reluctant as so much more expensive and doubt they'll be used much beyond Christmas day).

In short:
-How likely are 11 and 3 year old to play with them?
- Do cheaper brands do same job?
-Are all bullets etc generally compatible between different brands?
-Of nerf brand is better, which ones should I consider (keeping in mind two very different ages)?


1122christy Sun 09-Aug-15 09:28:30

If ur 11 year old hasn't played with them by now I doubt he will to be honest. If cheap enough keep them though as you might be right and both kids enjoy playing with each other. We have both nerf and cheaper brands, can't say I notice much of a difference. So I wouldn't bother exchanging for more expensive nerf ones esp as you're not sure they will be played with.
With the 3yr old he might struggle with reloading gun, sometimes they can be hard.

Artandco Sun 09-Aug-15 11:19:49

I'm not sure why you really seem to want them to play with toy guns. It's horrible.

A 3 year old will likely hurt someone by firing into someone's face ( I know a child who almost lost their eye from a nerd gun foam thing hitting it)

Methenyouplus4 Sun 09-Aug-15 11:49:36

I don't really Art and Co, it's hubby who wants them based on his own fond memories of flying round playing such games with his brother. That said, we bought them a couple of (cheap and cheerful) water pistols recently and they were a hit.

If we're going to get them i'd rather by them something cheap like John Lewis ones as have a sneaking suspicion that if I don't, the hubby will just rock up at Toys R Us or something and drop £50 on what I regard as plastic

enderwoman Tue 11-Aug-15 13:26:43

My children (14 and 8) have been playing Nerf for years. The bullets always get lost and are very pricey. They tend to only play with them during the summer because their Nerf games involve a lot of running and screaming and the ground is muddy and wet during winter.

Btw Nerf bullets hurt a bit if they hit you so you'll have to set ground rules with your children about not aiming at faces etc.

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