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crje Tue 28-Jul-15 19:07:50

Dd6 has taken an interest in these.

What's a good starter set to get ?

It will be her main present so I would like it to look good too.


Ktay Tue 28-Jul-15 19:15:13

Can't believe I'm posting on Christmas thread!

There is actually a starter home you can get for about £25. Only comes with one character though. Link is to Debenhams but Ocado do it too if you use them.

kandykat Tue 28-Jul-15 21:26:36

I would say caravan and car

SylvanianCaliphate Tue 28-Jul-15 21:29:06

You will soon be over run.

Trust me I'm on the inside grin

carrietwick Tue 28-Jul-15 21:36:16

Amazon did some amazing lightening deals last Xmas on the families and the caravan so I stocked up for my daughters birthday. I found out about it through the Christmas bargain thread on here, might be worth holding out for a good deal.

crje Tue 28-Jul-15 22:14:11

Thanks for the ideas

Another quick Q

Is 6 a good age for sylvanians?
Is it a something they can get a yr + out of or are they a fad .
They are quite expensive so want to invest wisely.

kandykat Tue 28-Jul-15 22:18:31

my dd age 8, is mad about them and has liked them since 2 or 3 without the fiddly bits
so age 6 is ok, can't see my 8 year old out growing anytime soon

they hold there value well for resale, however my dd says she will never ever sell any of hersgrin
she wants to keep them for her dc

steppemum Tue 28-Jul-15 22:22:10

sylvanians are good for 6 yo. They create lots of imaginative play. You can get a house (so basically a variation on a dolls house) a car, bus, shop etc etc.

They are not cheap, so if money is an issue I would get a box set family - eg badgers family is mum dad and 4 baby badgers I think, and then get something substantial on ebay, like the double decker bus, or a car and caravan

My dd has very particular ideas about which ones she likes (rabbits yes, bears, no) so it may be worth fishing!

Bustle Tue 28-Jul-15 22:27:19

Or look for some pre loved on ebay? They are expensive and you'll get much better value for money. They're also quite fragile, we've chipped lots of corners of houses etc. mine had them from about 5 and played with them till about 9 or 10, by which time we had more than toysrus when they changed allegiance to playmobile.

nickdrakeslovechild Wed 29-Jul-15 17:58:32

My DD is getting the Tree House and the matching log cabin as her main, they go up and down on amazon so keep an eye on them, if you put a load in your basket to save for later, every time you go to your basket it will tell you the latest price on them.

Also last year argos and tesco reduced loads i got the caravan for £12, the campervan for £9 and the playschool bus for about £10. At the moment she loves the dentist so all the animals are having weekly check ups! I think I may like them just as much more than her blush

landwhale Thu 30-Jul-15 08:12:49

Sorry to hijack the thread - I came on to ask about sylvanians too smile also wondering about a good starter set for dd (will be 3y8m), will look at suggestions above grin

Also we have A LOT of playmobil in the house (and no doubt more for Xmas and ds bday) it is played with daily by ds and dd. just wondering if we 'need' sylvanians as well or if it will be an overwhelming amount of play sets. Does any one have both? (We weren't going to bother getting it for her for this reason- as my dmil has tons of sylvanians which dd plays with at her house, however we're moving abroad next year so we're thinking about getting her own).

Again, sorry to hijack op's post smile

AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned Thu 30-Jul-15 08:20:32

I used my tesco vouchers for this very thing last christmas - had to order to get them because they weren't stocked in the store here but got the house half price and ready to collect from the store when it suited santa - win win.

BooChunky Thu 30-Jul-15 09:27:02

We bought DD the ice cream van and a family as a taster, and two years later (with a lot more sylvanian stuff!) she still plays with the ice cream van more than most other things...

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 30-Jul-15 09:29:22

We have both, they can be played with together. DD has a playmobil mummy driving the sylvanians nursery bus at the moment!

Nearlyadoctor Thu 30-Jul-15 19:14:20

I second the car and caravan, my daughter has lots of Sylvanians ( houses, farm house, ice cream van, fish and chip van etc etc etc) but the highest play value has been from the caravan partly because it all furnished.

Nearlyadoctor Thu 30-Jul-15 19:17:25

Just read your post landawhale, we have both. My dd was into Sylvanians fairly early and only started with Playmobil last year age 7, and I think has played more already with her Playmobil - so my answer would be no! Hope that helps smile

AriNi31 Sat 01-Aug-15 13:35:13

Sorry to hijack but do you think a 3YO would be too small for them? DD has little Peppa figures and dolls and stuff - would Sylvanians be wasted on her tho? (Her bday is 3 days after Christmas so I'm always looking for ideas in advance to start buying bits!)

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 01-Aug-15 16:20:34

Ask on your local Facebook selling page, there are always lots for sale in my area for a good price.

candykane25 Sat 01-Aug-15 23:38:00

I bought a wooden dolls house for £35 half price a couple of yearsago but now for DD birthday the old wooden furniture is being upgraded to SF room sets. I have asked family to buy her one room each so that it will be fully furnished.
So far she plays non stop with her happyland stuff (she willbe 2 next week) and loves imaginative play with them so i see SF as a good long term investment which can be added to.
I think i am going to enjoy it as much as her (i have got dolls house wallpaper and carpets to decorate the house with).

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Wed 05-Aug-15 08:35:42

I think it depends on the child. my dd loves small world play - always got the happyland out with her moshi monster and Disney figures.

I thought she'd love sylvannians, so for xmas (aged 5) got her a furnished house, nursery bus, motorbike and some figures. she wasn't interested, ignored them in favour of her happyland. 9 months later and still completely unplayed with I got rid. a year on she hasn't asked for it once!

btw I got hers off ebay. house boxed with furniture £6, bus boxed £5, bundle of figures, furniture and 2 motorbikes £25 (sold extras, unwanted figures for same price) look for listings near you, collection only for the best deals.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Aug-15 08:56:37

My DD is 13 now all her SF are in the loft (the intention was to sort them and put on eBay to sell for funds for an iPhone.........they are still there)
She's made vague rumbles about "keeping them for her children" smile

eBay has bundles , good way to buy loads but they are 99% Buyer Collect so factor that in.

We got the Regency Hotel half price a few years back.

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