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Celebrating Christmas in July for my disabled son

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JustSeven Wed 24-Jun-15 23:54:16

My 7yo DS has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, it's an incurable muscle-wasting condition. Between the ages of 8-12 he'll lose the ability to walk, and during his teens he will lose the use of his arms due to his muscles wasting and becoming too weak. He'll become dependent on a ventilator and will die from heart or respitory failure, probably during his early 20's. He has 3 younger sisters ranging from 9 months to 3.5 years.

We've decided that as he won't get as many Christmases as most people, plus with everything else he has to go through that he deserves an extra Christmas each year. It may be a bit bonkers but on 15th July we'll be celebrating Christmas, Aussie style (I can't face cooking turkey and all the trimming in our kitchen/sauna in July, so BBQ it is!). We'll be having presents, Christmas carols, our family tradition Xmas eve buffet and even decorating the Xmas tree. I've even asked people to send us Christmas cards.

So I now have 3 weeks to plan and countdown to our bonus Aussie Christmas!

PinkPearlClutcher Thu 25-Jun-15 00:00:30

Gosh I'm so sorry to hear about your sons condition. I know of another little boy with the condition (or perhaps you are his mum - I don't know them well. Google Harrison's fund), so I know a fair bit about it.

I think what you are doing is amazing and such a lovely idea! I'm sure the kids will love it, and it will give you extra Christmassy memories to cherish! I hope it goes well for you smile

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 25-Jun-15 00:01:05

I ho[e you all have a wonderful Aussie Christmas. I have worked with several boys and young men with Duchenne's, are you able to access some support for your family?

JustSeven Thu 25-Jun-15 00:13:29

Thank you. I've actually created a facebook group for parents of Duchenne sufferers, it has over 300 members so there's plenty of support.

pinkpearl I'm facebook friends with Harrison's dad.

Grumpyoldblonde Thu 25-Jun-15 14:16:36

Such a bloody cruel disease. I love your idea, I hope you all really enjoy it! Have you managed to find crackers? got to have crackers! If you were near me I have a Christmas pudding in the cupboard, probably years out of date actually.

Trooperslane Thu 25-Jun-15 14:21:04

This sounds nothing less than utterly awesome op.

Go for it. X

Trooperslane Thu 25-Jun-15 14:21:35

I've got a few crackers too, a handful but happy to fire on if you want them!

MrsRaegan Thu 25-Jun-15 14:23:17

What a beautiful idea. You sound like a brilliant mum.

I'm so sorry you and your family are facing this.

Have a bloody fabulous July Christmas!

WaferInMyCoffee Thu 25-Jun-15 14:24:01

I think I have a box of crackers in the cupboard please pm me if you'd like me to send them to you x

Trumpton Thu 25-Jun-15 14:46:15

What a lovely idea. What memories you are creating !

For those who are thinking of sending crackers ...

"Christmas crackersCrackers can only be sent in their complete made-up form and in their original retail packaging." From Royal Mail website

You might need to fudge the contents of the parcel if posting if asked !

JustSeven Thu 25-Jun-15 15:17:35

I think I have crackers but will check. Thank you. I have a Christmas pudding in the cupboard with Julys date on actually! Glad people don't think I'm completely bonkers anyway.

lunar1 Thu 25-Jun-15 18:25:19

You are doing a lovely thin. I hope your family have a lovely July Christmas.

TheSortingCat Thu 25-Jun-15 18:28:07

That sounds like a lovely idea.

You could always make Christmas pudding ice cream if it is hot instead of having the pudding in the traditional way?

Shapebandit Thu 25-Jun-15 18:31:17

Lovely idea. I have sent you a PM ��

Howlongtillbedtime Thu 25-Jun-15 18:35:45

What a lovely idea , do you you think you have enough people that will send you cards ?

Happy to send one to your son if you would like .

SaulGood Thu 25-Jun-15 18:43:55

What a truly brilliant idea. I hope you enjoy a lovely July Christmas.

hippoherostandinghere Thu 25-Jun-15 21:44:28

I'll send a card too if you want. What a lovely thing to do.

ASAS Thu 25-Jun-15 21:53:02

Can I send you a card? Love this idea. Sorry for your situation though flowers

ohtheholidays Thu 25-Jun-15 21:55:53

What a brilliant idea and what a great Mum. flowers

I think it's a brilliant idea and I bet you'll all have a great time.

I make the Christmas pudding ice cream every Christmas now all 5 of our DC go mad for it.

HerrenaHarridan Thu 25-Jun-15 22:13:22

By an astonishing coincidence we are also having an extra christmas, on July 15th!

As last years was so dire. We are planning crackers, christmas pudding, a BBQ, a tree made out of a branch with decorations and mock christmas jumpers.

I'm sorry for what you're going through.

Ratbagcatbag Fri 26-Jun-15 11:55:05

If you PM your address and DS's name I'll send a card to you smile

nickdrakeslovechild Fri 26-Jun-15 20:54:18

I have a boxed set of crackers if you want them? in fact I have about 10 as they were cheap in asda in the sale And also happy to send a card fgrin

CurlsLDN Fri 26-Jun-15 20:58:44

What a wonderful idea. 'christmas in july' is a very familiar phrase to me as I work in pr, and all the major chains (m&S, sainsburys, tesco, Debenhams etc) hold 'christmas in july' as they do press events showing off the upcoming press ranges for the glossy magazines, which have a six month lead time.
SO if you wanted to, it might be worth sending an email to customer services of a few shops to see if they could spare you some decorations or festive food
Just a thought!

slippermaiden Fri 26-Jun-15 20:59:58

I'm sad to hear your son has Duchennes. Yes do celebrate Christmas, your whole family will love making special memories to treasure when times are tougher xx

CurlsLDN Fri 26-Jun-15 21:00:01

*sorry, I Meant showing off the upcoming christmas ranges, not press ranges

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