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What did your dds ask for that you didn't get them? And what was your list?

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Falconwolf101 Sun 08-Feb-15 20:10:26

Now that Xmas is past for the year, I'm wondering what your dds asked for that you didn't end up getting? And stuff that you did?
K, here are my lists (alert, Frozen obsesees)

What we got for them: (note: these are not just from us)
Lyra (7):
Frozen Elsa Build a bear
Frozen elsa deluxe dress
Frozen Elsa blanket
3 Frozen posters
Cuddly Polar bear pjs
Grow your own cactus kit
Frozen story book (technically shared)
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Frozen soundtrack (again, technically shared)
Our two kittens! (Shared again, guess what they called them..... Anna and Elsa, that's right)

Bonnie (5):
Frozen Elsa build a bear
Frozen elsa deluxe dress
Frozen Elsa blanket
Frozen elsa pillow (doesn't really understand posters yet)
Cuddly frog pjs
A new saddle for her horse Lemongrass (we live on a ranch)
Frozen candy
Littlest Pet shop Jungle World edition (why did I get that?!)
Mini aquarium kit (emphasis on the word mini...)

Oooookkkkkaaayyyy..... Thing they asked for we DIDN'T get (with reasons why- save us.... Here we go):

2 kittens and a puppy (sorry kids, our ranch has 4 collies, and the kind of dogs you want are staggeringly expensive, I mean £900 for a chihuahua?!)

Tickets to Frozen on ice (These will actually come later, but right now, it's just not convenient)

A SWAN?! (I mean, where did you get that idea from???)

A WWF adoption (rrrrr, we give money to these folks, but no way will we pay £36 a year for a cuddly toy and a photo)

Frozen Elsa jewellery (had to explain to them that Santa wants to save plastic, they were a little put off- guilty troll face. All the girls at their school have these hideous, hideous things. Apparently they always get lost, or swallowed by the dog.....lesson learnt)

A Frozen Elsa collar for the two kittens and the collies (um, no. The cat won't wear a collar, and I think the collies would actually die of stupidity)

A trip to Norway (fun, but sorry, little folks)

Money (Seriously? I think not, my little dudettes)

So, yes, that's my very long list. This is for any age, please let me know!

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