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Christmas OK but boring? Come tell us here

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Fadingmemory Tue 30-Dec-14 10:32:52

Just DD (20) and I. I have done whatever to make Christmas fun etc - trips out on sunny days (lots here), great food, old-fashioned games, films. No-one else was free to have any of Christmas with us. I have consistently lied about how great it's been as I don't want to moan. I must do something right as DD adores Christmas. Just wish I did.

Last year we went away and it was better - not possible this year as DD had a friend's wedding on 24th.

MN meet-up on Christmas Day next year??

I would love to cook for 10, 12 or whatever (yes, I do know for some of you that's been difficult).

Anyone else?

Everhopeful Thu 01-Jan-15 10:50:16

Ooh, I'd join in! Though DD will only be 13, so not exactly the same do need at least 4 people to make board games/charades/etc work well, so we can only do it (just DD, DH and me here) if we join forces with others. I'd be very happy to help with the food as well: perhaps we can bring some with us, or hold it here and do it the other way round.

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