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Christmas for Two - how is it for you?

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Fadingmemory Fri 26-Dec-14 08:26:47

Christmases are quiet here with just DD (20) and I (family circs, long story). I wish I were cooking for 12 but the positive is that I can produce a lovely meal without the kitchen being a sort of food Himalayas. Presents were opened at around 11.00 with brunch after (scrambled egg on toast).

The afternoon was devoted to a walk (absolutely glorious weather here, amazing for 'oop north), board games and such and some TV. DD adores Christmas, even the rather mawkish films that surface every year.

We ate our Christmas meal at 6, beginning with a pate fest (carnivorous and veggie), turkey with many trimmings and veggies. Dessert is being delayed until today because we were too full (choc fondant for DD and Christmas pud for me). I forgot the crackers, though so they will also be out today.

So heartening to receive DD's message with my present, words to the effect that although she finds it difficult to express, she loves all the things I do for her. She is so forthright and fault-finding sometimes so that was heartening.

Today we will be off into town to the rather tacky but bustling Christmas market, maybe ice skating, some lunch from one of the stalls, before coming home for the inevitable cold collation (we love cold turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing and bread sauce with a selection of pickles and chutneys, some homemade).

We enjoy it. The worst thing are the pitying comments about 'just the two of you, oh dear.' I feel for anyone being alone and hating it for Christmas. Some MNers clearly have a fantastic time with a crowd in the house, but n awful lot of people simply won't ask anyone to join them 'because it's about family.' Others have such difficulties with lazy H or P, difficult PILs, illness etc.

Whatever it is or was, good wishes for 2015.

rockybalboa Fri 26-Dec-14 08:32:08

Your Christmas sounds really lovely. Christmas should be about spending quality time with those you love the most, not a contest to see how many you can cook for without throwing the gravy at an irritating in-law. Its awful that people make disparaging comments, it can only be because they are jealous! Enjoy your puds today.

HeffalumpsnWoozles Fri 26-Dec-14 08:40:54

Just me & my DP every year for the last 5 years & we love it. Got up at 5am as our puppy decided that was totally acceptable & after much nibbling of toes, ears & noses we gave in.

Cup of tea and gift opening followed, puppy & older dog completely spoilt by friends so lots of squeaking from their toys!!

Buck's Fizz & smoked salmon treat for breakfast then we Skyped his parents & sister in Lanzarote (this is why we are alone every year, all of his family now live abroad & I lost my parents a few years ago)

We always buy a few new dvd releases and save them for Xmas day so after dinner we took the dogs out and settled in for the films. Buffet tea & board games, the obligatory depressing soaps & then bed.

I did enjoy big family Christmases as a child but I'm just as happy to see friends other days & spend the big one with just us two.

Cooroo Fri 26-Dec-14 08:43:29

Sounds perfect! We were 3 for morning - meeting friends for food and fire in local beauty spot - then dropped DD18 at her dad's and it was just me and DP. Leisurely cooking, eat when it's ready, gap between courses, no stress. I love my noisy extended family but was quite happy not to see them on the day!

Misty9 Fri 26-Dec-14 09:49:11

Yours sounds bloody lovely op! Ours was small with just two of us and two young children but very tiring and glad it's done. I can't decide if it would be less tiring in a big group; probably not. Happy new year smile

girlywhirly Fri 26-Dec-14 13:38:22

DH and I here together on Christmas day. Lie in (pub Christmas eve), open gifts, get lunch under way. I prepare some in advance and freeze so reducing the amount of work. We have a roast chicken (lots of yummy leftovers) and all the trimmings.

We just have a leisurely day.

ZebraGiraffe Fri 26-Dec-14 16:09:41

Not for two but it has often just been me and my 2 DC (22 and 24) for Christmas. We created our own traditions and Christmas is still magical and lovely. I too at times wish I was cooking for 12 and imagine Christmases bustling with relatives and having to all squeeze around the table, non-stop chatter and laughter from their arrival on Christmas eve until their departure on Boxing Day (probably a 'the grass is greener' thing!) like I had in my childhood. Even imagine rising to the tensions and stress of cooking for a fussy MIL or critical aunt!
DC always say how much they love Christmas as it is though and appreciate it. We enjoy the quiet and peaceful Christmases and I look forward to when DC might have their own children and husband/wife etc and a big bustling Christmas one day... I'm sure then I will miss our little Christmases!!

SteveBrucesNose Fri 26-Dec-14 16:28:53

Ours was great. Didn't quite go as planned but I loved it. We'd planned nice and chilled out with Christmas TV in the evening

He got up at 6 to walk the dogs, so I went downstairs, lit all the candles, made a pot of tea, and set up the chessboard I got him as a present

He got back, the 4 of us (us two and the dogs) went upstairs and got in bed and opened our stockings with a squeaky toy each for the dogs.

Downstairs at about 8:30, more tea, and opened our presents from each other.

10am was bacon butty time, followed by presents from family.

Skype sessions with everyone back home

Nipped to local hotel to collect our turkey takeaway - I cook the rest but the turkey is professionally done to take pressure off. Sat having glass of champagne whilst I waited for it

Back home an started making the rest of the dinner at 3:30 ish. Both wandered with the dogs whilst everything was in the oven, then back to put the spuds on.

Pate for starters at around 5:30, the sat down to dinner at 6ish.

Sat down to let dinner go down and he took the dogs out again, and ran into our next door neighbour, who came back with DH and went home at 4am, all of us hammered.

Boxing Day has been written off. It's been fab!

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