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I just heard the first thud from the DC's room!

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BathshebaDarkstone Thu 25-Dec-14 07:15:07

No sleep for me now! fgrin

QuietTinselTardis Thu 25-Dec-14 07:21:07

You're lucky. I've been awake for 2 1/2 hours already thanks dd ds didn't wake til 5.45 though. Yay. I think I may need a nap later yeh like that'll ever happen!
Have a good one!

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 25-Dec-14 07:29:55

Yes I freely admit I'm very lucky, they don't wake up any earlier on Christmas day or birthdays. I feel very sorry for you poor parents whose DC wake up at stupid o' clock. flowers

TrendStopper Thu 25-Dec-14 07:36:20

I have bribed my dd with a movie in bed. Dont know how much longer i can keep her there. Its still dark outside hmm

Luciferbox Thu 25-Dec-14 07:47:53

I've heard 2 thuds. The definite sound of DS putting his lamp on and now snoring. There's a stocking on his bed, has he not noticed? He's only 3 but I was expecting him to be bouncing on my bed at 5am.

scrappydappydoo Thu 25-Dec-14 07:57:04

Wow mine were up at 5.30am but to be fair this is normal they are early risers. I'm looking forward to teenage years and the novelty of having to wake THEM up!

fixedit Thu 25-Dec-14 07:59:31

I woke at 6am and heard Dd1 talking to herself so we got the kids up and we've only just finished unwrapping and putting batteries in things grin
DD'S playing with their toys, going to jump in the bath and head up to MIL's in a couple of hours for dinner and exchange gifts. I love Christmas.

LightastheBreeze Thu 25-Dec-14 08:08:51

I did as well at 2 in the morning, but it wasn't present opening, it was DS(22) home for Christmas and arriving home after pubbing with his old schoolmates. I think he was trying to find the bed grin

TheScottishPlay Thu 25-Dec-14 08:51:57

Santa's been and DS is still in bed. Ten more minutes and we will wake him.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 25-Dec-14 09:29:30

My teen is in bed. Tbf it was a very late night, but come on, can she not hear the festive fun from the neighbours?

noideawhattoget Fri 26-Dec-14 00:11:00

we didnt get up until 10am. to be fair, the girls are at their dads and the boys are 15 and 13. it was lovely

wednesdaygirl Sat 27-Dec-14 03:01:35

Woke my teens at midday was bored waiting by then lol

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