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0 sleeps!!!

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SevenSwansASwimming Thu 25-Dec-14 06:22:38

It's christmas!!! Merry Christmas everyone.

I'm still in bed having cuddles with DD2 waiting for the others to wake up.

Cupcakes123 Thu 25-Dec-14 06:37:49

Merry Christmas!
I'm the only one awake too, desperate to get up and let DS have his presents!
Perhaps it's time to start on the roses & celebrations whilst I wait grin

EatShitDerek Thu 25-Dec-14 06:54:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 25-Dec-14 06:57:43

Merry Christmas! I'm the only one awake here too. Don't want to get up and make a brewfgrin

SevenSwansASwimming Thu 25-Dec-14 06:58:29

Hope he feels better when he wakes up

desperatehousewife21 Thu 25-Dec-14 07:14:44

we've all been awake since half 5, stockings opened now watching HTTYD2 before doing breakfast and opening under the tree presents.

Ledkr Thu 25-Dec-14 07:17:24

Dd2 got up at 6.30. I didn't sleep. Wink and now have a terrible headache fsad I'm going to be gutted if I'm ill all day after all the effort I've made.
Merry christnas all x

ChestyNutRoastingOnAnOpenFire Thu 25-Dec-14 07:32:49

He's beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen fgrin

Merry Christmas Countdowners!

Meplusyouequals4 Thu 25-Dec-14 07:32:50

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope your DS feels better when he wakes up eatshitderek

I've been awake since 4am DD and DH are still asleep but I really want to wake them up grin

MIL is already here waiting for them to get up and me and DH'S nana have made a start on Xmas dinner.

What have you all been doing since you got up?

SevenSwansASwimming Thu 25-Dec-14 12:00:41

Tree presents opened, with having 4 DC my living room is now carnage! My parents have been and now gone to my sisters for lunch. MIL has been too, managed to stress us out and stayed longer than necessary. Can you tell I can't stand her?! Anyway that's another thread entirely ...

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

MamaPizza Thu 25-Dec-14 12:34:19

Merry Christmas!

DS stayed in bed until 7, stockings then tree presents. All open now, time to play fgrin

CaisleanDraiochta Thu 25-Dec-14 12:39:26

DD woke at 6.30 (originally it was 3.15 but she was told no chance and to go back to bed) and immediately woke the rest of us. Usually I say no presents before 7am but by the time we'd all had a wee and I'd made a strong coffee, it was nearly that time anyway.

About 9ish we came down to eat bacon sandwiches (more coffee for me) and then the kids opened the other few Santa gifts under the tree. Not opened any family gifts yet as we do that after lunch or tomorrow, but they have been happily playing ever since with everything they've got so far.

I've had a bit of a tidy up, ironed our outfits for today/tomorrow and drunk lots more coffee. also helped with lots of package opening, explaining instruction etc. Now just about to leave for lunch at DM's.

MamaPizza Thu 25-Dec-14 20:18:35

Well, Christmas 2015 was a success. DS very happy with his new toys, he barely stopped playing today. Hope you all had a great day too

ChestyNutRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 26-Dec-14 16:25:34

Christmas 2014 mama?

What's everyone been up to today?

Shall we start a Countdowners 2015 thread and move over there?

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