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Help! Anywhere in London to have a picture with Santa TODAY?!

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eggplanty Wed 24-Dec-14 13:26:12

I've left it obviously very late. Anyone know of anywhere in London my DC can have a picture taken with Father Christmas today?

Funkytown Wed 24-Dec-14 13:28:04

I'm pretty sure Westfield is sold out by now but I'm sure winter wonderland have a meet santa

eggplanty Wed 24-Dec-14 13:30:26

Oh good idea. I guess he will still be there after Christmas?

LaurieFairyCake Wed 24-Dec-14 13:32:27

Stop a pissed one in the street and bung him a fiver fgrin

littleducks Wed 24-Dec-14 13:33:11

There is a list here:

But you might get more luck in a local smaller centre? Definately ring ahead wherever you go though

littleducks Wed 24-Dec-14 13:33:55

a local SHOPPING centre grotto

sleepwhenidie Wed 24-Dec-14 13:34:02

In Selfridges they have a very lovely Santa wandering around the 4th floor Christmas section, not a grotto and a gift/formal photo opportunity but my DC's were rapt (probably more than they were in the grotto we visited at The London Museum, which is also worth checking if still on, it was v quiet when we went) and DH got a lovely photo of them together.

sleepwhenidie Wed 24-Dec-14 13:34:58

Doh, I meant Museum of London, also good because no shopping crowd hell involved!

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