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Need to wear dd out for bedtime?

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chloejaynemummy Wed 24-Dec-14 07:13:34

I know my dd is going to be a monkey tonight at bedtime she is anyway but she is sooo excited that santa is coming she is taking ages to settle on a normal night let alone xmas eve!
Dh is Woking till 7 tonight so I want to do something with her today that is going to wear her out we made biscuits yesterday which I said we can take to my adopted parents house today (they haven't actually adopted me but my parents have both passed and they have been there instead) but what else can we do? It's pissing down with rain at the moment fsad xxx

NorksEnormous Wed 24-Dec-14 07:39:58

We are going to soft play area today. They are making reindeer food at it, so between that and running around that should tire mine out!

bogiesaremyonlyfriend Wed 24-Dec-14 07:56:48

Ohy word it's a nightmare isn't it, dd(4) was awake til 10 then up at 2.30 saying she wanted it to be Christmas Eve now hmm
We are baking this morning, walk in the park, then I'm hoping hot chocolate, Christmas bath and some stories may help to wind the down, then if necessary- bells outside the window. Could always try that NORAD to see where Santa is for a bit of bribery grin

chloejaynemummy Wed 24-Dec-14 08:09:26

Yeh she has been watching that on my phone. We have mince pies to make today when it stops raining ill take her for a walk I think. It's her first year she really understands I didn't realise how excited they actually got ha. She made snowman soup at the child minders yesterday so she is keeps asking to have that and asking is santa here yet? I must admit her excitement is infectious! I only finished work yesterday so now I'm feeling festive xxx

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