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Cooking my ham now, need so help...

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SilverSnowflake Wed 24-Dec-14 07:10:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

steppeupunderthemisletoe Wed 24-Dec-14 07:32:45

My dad is ham expert I phoned him yesterday and he says:

saok gammon to get rid of salt. If NOT smoked, may not need soaking at all. If you soak it is for anything from 4 -24 hours.

I wouldn't boil to get rid of salt, that cooks it.

Then we boil it for about 2 hours til cooked. Boiled on very low, and don't let ham touch the base of the pan.
I have also done this step in slow cooker.
Basically you need to cover the ham, so use enough coke to cover. It will need to cook for longer as it is bigger. Do you have a meat thermometer to test the temp in the middle?

(We then roast it, we spread brown sugar and mustard on the top, stick it in the oven for 30 minutes to created delicious crust).

SilverSnowflake Wed 24-Dec-14 08:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Suddengeekgirl Wed 24-Dec-14 08:08:17

Oooh! I'm doing ours today. I was going to do what the label said, confused and then do a marmalade glaze. grin

I'm also making mince pies with the dcs for Father Christmas and a Yule log! What could possibly go wrong! blush grin

steppeupunderthemisletoe Wed 24-Dec-14 08:08:43

That all sounds great. Don't worry about thermometer if Nigella has given you how long per kilo.

I decided last night we are not cooking the ham shock
We are saving it for New Year, we have too much food and are going away after Christmas

MrsPnut Wed 24-Dec-14 08:12:12

One hour per kilo is fine, especially if you are then going to blast it in a hot oven afterwards with the treacle, mustard and brown sugar glaze.

Just don't try making the soup she recommends with the coke cooking residue because it's rank.

I'm just going to the butchers and then coming home to cook my ham.

groovejet Wed 24-Dec-14 08:13:35

I did our ham yesterday, but used cherry coke with a cherry jam glaze, had to use the slow cooker as it was too big for my biggest saucepan, it is bloody lovely.

I didn't do any soaking and had no problems with it being too salty.

Annietheacrobat Wed 24-Dec-14 08:38:24

I have an even bigger problem. DP the twit bought a joint of pork instead of gammon! Roast pork on Boxing Day it is then . . .

SilverSnowflake Wed 24-Dec-14 09:24:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

duzzlightyearsmum Wed 24-Dec-14 09:35:04

I have a 1.6kg piece and need to put it in my slow cooker and will then finish off in the oven with a glaze. How long in the slow cooker do we reckon it'll need then? Xxx

Suddengeekgirl Wed 24-Dec-14 09:35:14

Can anyone tell me if it's best to boil or roast them ham?
My pack has instructions for both!

Mummyinamask Wed 24-Dec-14 10:08:01

I boil and then bake for the glaze (so not long in oven).

My issue this year is I've got a 4kg ham and it's too big for the pan so I'll have to turn it half way through. Ho hum.

MrsPnut Wed 24-Dec-14 10:08:31

I boil first and then glaze and roast.

And I never put mine in the slow cooker because I find it has a funny texture afterwards which I don't like - dry and stringy.

duzzlightyearsmum Wed 24-Dec-14 10:20:28

Haven't got a choice but to put mine in the slow cooker so have to hope for the best! So any idea how long it'll need? Xxx

MrsPnut Wed 24-Dec-14 10:38:15

how big is it? i'd double the boiling time at least.

duzzlightyearsmum Wed 24-Dec-14 10:54:16

1.6kg. So probably about 3-4 hours on low?! I'm going to glaze it and finish it in the oven tomorrow so it'll get a blast then if it's not quite done

SilverSnowflake Wed 24-Dec-14 11:58:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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