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Last Santa's Grotto visit?

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TenMinutesEarly Tue 23-Dec-14 23:20:02

How old is too old to go to visit Santa? Not just a rickety grotto in a shopping centre but a book months in advance visit. We went today and is was amazing but just wondering if it might have been dd's last time confused

2anddone Tue 23-Dec-14 23:27:13

How old is dd? Ds is 9 and we still go, my friend has an 11, 15 and 18 year old and they still go although now go to grottos like Alton towers or Cadbury world... Never too old for Santa imo

Fanjango Tue 23-Dec-14 23:27:19

I think this year as the last for mine. Dd1 and ds2 are 9 and only just hanging in this year but dd2 could probably go another year. The year 5 and 6's take great delight in talking about there being no Santa hmm

TenMinutesEarly Tue 23-Dec-14 23:32:53

Phew it looks like I've got a couple of years left! Dd is 7 and absolutely loved today. fsmile

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