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OMFG new fridge is too big.

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Awks Tue 23-Dec-14 16:56:56

... they had to take the doors off to get it in. They tried the front door - no way. They tried the patio doors, that would be fine except they couldn't get it in the gate. They decided the garage was the only way it would possibly go in. Then discovered it wouldn't so they took the doors off.

It's now sitting doorless in my kitchen and my entire Christmas shop is stuffed in a Budweiser drinks fridge or on the garage floor. It looks ginormous and it requires some sort of special star shaped screwdriver to be able to put the doors back on. Why the f did I think this was a good idea.

Though the Curry's delivery guys were awesome.

simbacatlivesagain Tue 23-Dec-14 17:30:34

My fridge was delivered on Christmas Eve many years ago. Should have gone through the door but didn't (according to their measurements). Builders had scaffolding over the patio doors which had been due to be removed. Builder came and removed the entire door frame and door . Fridge was in. Builder then breeze blocked the hole up (why not- door was going anyway). Hubby chatted with delivery men and did them a full English - they usually delivered ATM machines not fridges- it was their only job of the day and they were paid by the hour- last delivery of week and on way home (they loaded lorry 4 days before and dropped off items 1 by 1 ). They had slept in local lay-by!

Then we got the tree and sat it in front of breeze blocks. best Christmas ever.

I still have that fridge - cost almost £2000 at the time and was state of the art- same fridge is now £600 made by another company- after 15 years without a hiccup I reckon it was worth it.

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