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Waitrose delivery isn't coming!

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SauvignonBlanche Tue 23-Dec-14 16:06:34

I got a voice message from Waitrose today asking if they could come tomorrow morning instead of tonight.

I was initially quite pleased until they said they couldn't give me a time slot and it could be any time tomorrow morning. I really can't stay in all morning, I've got stuff to do.

They said there had been a systems failure and they were 3 hours behind, as my delivery was booked between 6-8pm that could mean them not arriving until after 11pm and I really don't want that.

The teenagers will be at home all morning but they can't sign for the alcohol!
It's all going wrong, DH failed to get the goose this morning, he couldn't find the farm! He's going to try again after work. fsad

Ujjayi Tue 23-Dec-14 16:09:49

Just posted this on another thread...but personally I would stay up & take the order at 11pm. There were a huge number of deliveries missed over the weekend & our delivery chap told me I was very fortunate to only have 5 subs! Poor guy was very stressed - he had been shouted & sworn at several times since yesterday.

Beachcomber Tue 23-Dec-14 16:10:24

Can you pick it up instead? They have it all ready for you and you pick it up at a moment that suits you when you are out?

magpieginglebells Tue 23-Dec-14 16:12:17

I would take it at 11pm. Surely that's more convenient then braving a supermarket on Christmas Eve?

AMerryScot Tue 23-Dec-14 16:13:41

I have had Ocado deliveries with alcohol and it has never been a problem having teenagers open the door. There is no signing.

Lottiedoubtie Tue 23-Dec-14 16:16:18

I'd take it at 11pm too. Or see about picking it up.

It is annoying though flowers

Camolips Tue 23-Dec-14 16:16:28

Waitrose are pulling out all the stops to fulfill their deliveries. Systems failure Sunday night I believe so everything is behind. Hopefully it will arrive before midnight! Be nice to the delivery guy, he will probably only have a few hours sleep before his next shift starts! Apparently it's not just Waitrose, other supermarkets' systems overloaded as well shock

Ujjayi Tue 23-Dec-14 16:18:14

Ocado have both readily handed alcohol over to my 14yo DS but refused to do so with our 27yo nanny as she didn't have ID shock.

ResponsibleAdult Tue 23-Dec-14 16:19:43

Gah, was trying to log in to my order, but can't get in. I presumed it was because I am currently abroad.

Is the whole system down or just delayed, I am getting nowhere with my attempted log ins?

NoLongerTheSeasonToBeJolly Tue 23-Dec-14 16:22:47

I can't collect it Beachcomber, I'm not allowed to drive following brain surgery. I'm feeling quite tired and couldn't face the idea of staying up until goodness knows when. I wish I'd insisted that it came tonight now but I've agreed they can come tomorrow.

The only thing I couldn't do without is the pigs in blankets, everything else in my order I can live without.mi made sure I got anything essential at the weekend as was too cynical (with good reason) to trust anyone to deliver essential stuff.

Ujjayi Tue 23-Dec-14 16:26:34

AFAIK system is just slow.

Customer Services for calling from outside UK is +44 01344 825232


Ujjayi Tue 23-Dec-14 16:28:00

OP - could your teens stay up whilst you sleep? If you are at home they will leave alcohol with the DCs.

Malabrigo Tue 23-Dec-14 16:31:24

Responsibleadult - try logging in on the mobile site (m.Waitrose.Com) ... I've been unable to get into my account on the desktop site since last week but the mobile version works OK
Am assuming they're overwhelmed or something.

Sorry to hear people are having hassle with their deliveries, mine just arrived on time. Three acceptable substitutions and two free cheeses because they go out of date on the 31st so I don't have to pay for them. Rather chuffed with that.

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Tue 23-Dec-14 16:36:28

Would it be feasible to ask a neighbour to sign for just the alcohol, if your teenagers can't? I wouldn't mind if I were to be asked.

Alternatively, accept everything else except the alcohol. Your DH will have to deal with it. Shame to refuse the entire order just because of a couple of bottles.

BeHoHoHove Tue 23-Dec-14 16:39:11

Mine came an hour ago. 15 items missing (paid for)
Fucking 15!!!

simbacatlivesagain Tue 23-Dec-14 16:40:47

They wont check the age for the alcohol based on my experience- so dont worry- or ask a neighbour if children can give them a shout if needed when it arrives so there is an adult.

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Tue 23-Dec-14 16:46:51

BeHoHoHove - you will be refunded for your missing items. Poor guys - they're not miracles workers, for goodness' sake. If an item is not in stock when they are doing your shop, it isn't their fault. The shoppers are out on the shop floor in the same way that any shopper is. If you had done your shop yourself, you'd have found the same 15 items out of stock too, I wouldn't wonder. Certain items are in huge demand.

bloodyteenagers Tue 23-Dec-14 16:53:39

Ask the neighbours to sign for it. I sometimes do this, like today the driver was early so I wasn't in. Teen knocked on neighbours door and said mum deliveries here.
Neighbour signs,
Chats to the driver while teens carry everything in.

MetellaEstMater Tue 23-Dec-14 17:30:38

I think the delivery drivers will be feeling so harassed that they'll just want to hand everything over and move on, not bothering with Id!

SauvignonBlanche Tue 23-Dec-14 17:31:29

They will check because like an idiot I mentioned it as an option on the phone and she said she'd make a note of it as I said they could just take the alcohol out. Ironically it's for DS anyway, some cider. fsmile

SauvignonBlanche Tue 23-Dec-14 17:33:45

The poor woman on the phone said "I understand you must be angry and upset". I said no, not really. She must have been getting loads of hassle.

myotherusernameiswittyandgreat Tue 23-Dec-14 17:33:53

Evans I wouldn't be so sure. I did click and collect and 8 items were missing. I went into store and I was able to pick up every single one!

ResponsibleAdult Tue 23-Dec-14 17:34:53

Malabrigo, thank you, I will do just that. I knew a clever MNetter would know the answer. Otherwise I'll be logging in on the drive back from the tunnel and it will be too late to change the delivery fshock. First world problem, apologies in advance for any offence caused.

canutesauntie Tue 23-Dec-14 17:43:12

Mine should have been here between 2 & 4. The store say they're running 3-4 hours late and I will be telephoned. It's already 1.5 hours late & I'm ringing them! I've rung main customer services to complain as tonight's food is in that order, something quick as we are supposed to be going out. Well no we're not now it seems. They've offered me a £25 voucher in compensation.
It's going to cost them a fortune if they do that for everybody.

How did they get it so wrong though? The slots have been booked since late October (ish). I would have done my usual Ocado order except they didn't have a slot left for this week. Grrr

SauvignonBlanche Tue 23-Dec-14 17:46:35

I thought I'd been so bloody clever booking the slot ages ago.

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