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Christmas food shopping

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Aliwithtwins Tue 23-Dec-14 01:08:55

Christmas food delivery came and over 50% was some very odd substitutions, so I need to do a supermarket shop tomorrow confused what time of day is the quietest? Dreading this... Shopping with two two year olds at christmas! Please give advice!

MistletoeAndWine111 Tue 23-Dec-14 01:18:23

Night time, I wouldn't go in the day, it was horrendous today.

Aliwithtwins Tue 23-Dec-14 01:25:39

Thanks mistletoeandwine! Maybe I could get away with early evening? Well I suppose everyone is in the same boat.

MistletoeAndWine111 Tue 23-Dec-14 01:31:54

I went today at 11am which was horrendous, then I went again at 6.45pm and it was ok, tomorrow may be worse though but early evening will probably be better than day time.
Good luck smile

Frontron Tue 23-Dec-14 09:33:56

I was in tesco just before 7am today and it was heaving. I wished I'd got up to go the first time I woke up which was 3:30am. I couldn't get half of what I wanted so popped to the co-op after and got what I needed without another person in sight

BreakOutTheKaraoke Tue 23-Dec-14 10:42:49

I've been today at 6am, fairly busy but no queues at the till. The lady on the checkout said it was busy after 8am yesterday, expecting the same today.

pigsinmud Tue 23-Dec-14 10:50:42

Now I know people don't like the £9.99 delivery fee with Ocado at Christmas, but I find it the most reliable. I have a delivery later today and have been told that 2 items have been substituted and the replacements are suitable.

I used to use Sainsburys, but one Christmas half the order was missing and I had to go shopping on Christmas Eve.

I heard on the radio that it was best to go between 6:30-7:30 this morning, but Frontron might disagree with that!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 23-Dec-14 10:54:46

We were there at 8.45 this morning. It was really calm.

Khalessi Tue 23-Dec-14 11:28:33

I think over 50% substitutions is a real piss take, I really feel for you. I'm sat in the warm with the children while dh is there... I wished him luck.

PrincessOfChina Tue 23-Dec-14 11:32:02

I agree re: Ocado. Ours was on time and without any missing items. The last even helped me unpack as I'm 25 weeks pregnant and my neck is in spasm.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 23-Dec-14 11:52:44

For top up shopping at this time of year I try and stick to the small High St supermarkets (Co-op, Iceland, M&S), went to both Iceland and M&S after 5 last night and both were very quiet. For larger supermarkets, I'd go after 7.30pm. I'm going to have to do that tonight as I need something they don't sell anywhere except the big ones.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 23-Dec-14 11:54:32

And yes to Ocado, I got my big shop with them on Friday, before the extra charge kicks in, £150+ of stuff and no substitutions. I get the turkey and veg form Riverford now (free delivery on Christmas Eve) so I can do the big shop early, but when I have done Christmas week in the past with Ocado it's been brilliant.

PuppyMummy Tue 23-Dec-14 12:22:41

I have just been to sainsburys, about 10.30, it wasn't too bad.

I need to pop to morrisons tomorrow to collect my turkey at around 9.30!

I got a tesco shop yesterday but mainly drinks and staple items to avoid just getting substitutions! I got all the xmas veg, cheese etc today.

MonkeyPuzzler Tue 23-Dec-14 13:54:23

I went at 8.15 this morning and it was busy but not heaving. I did forget some stuff though so DH will have to go tomorrow

SouthernOne Tue 23-Dec-14 14:12:40

I went at 5.30 this morning, very pleasant meander round the store, no queue at the check out. Could do with a snooze now though

LightastheBreeze Tue 23-Dec-14 14:20:44

I went to our large out of town Waitrose this morning at about 11 and it was horrendous and quite difficult to park. No doubt I will still have to go tomorrow as i will have forgotten something.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 23-Dec-14 14:23:53

I went to tesco around 9 am today after dropping kids at school and it was fairly quiet. was getting busier as I left around 9.30am (was only getting fruit/veg)

Buttercup27 Tue 23-Dec-14 14:25:56

About midnight ish was quiet last night.

WiseKneeHair Tue 23-Dec-14 14:27:38

I was in Sainsbury's at about 1.30pm and it was busy, but not as bad as I thought it would be. For the self service and basket only tills, the queues were fairly short, too.
It may not be as bad as you fear.

BellsaRinging Tue 23-Dec-14 14:28:26

I went at 7:00 this morning and it was fine...ended up paying at c8:15 and didn't have to queue at all!

curiousgeorgie Tue 23-Dec-14 14:31:48

Last year I went on Christmas Eve (urgently needed an extra gift!) to Sainsburys around 1pm and was surprised that it was no different to a few weeks earlier... I even got a P&C space wink

irregularegular Tue 23-Dec-14 14:32:36

That's rubbish. Totally defeats the point. And another vote for Ocado. Just received £200 worth of shopping - only substitution was 2 small sour creams instead of one large one.

MmeMorrible Tue 23-Dec-14 14:34:27

Did our last bit of shopping at Tesco about 13:30 today. It was very bay, full car park but we were lucky and parked straight away as someone was just leaving.

Shop was full but we got round OK. Top tip is to use the scan as you go to avoid the checkouts - queues looked to be easily a 20 min wait which we avoided completely.

tshirtsuntan Tue 23-Dec-14 14:34:33

Got to lidl at about 9.20 this morning, quietest ever! No one queuing and about 5 others shopping, brilliant grin

SwedishEdith Tue 23-Dec-14 14:39:48

Just back from Sainsbury's - it was fine. Just like a busy weekend but not dreadful. Parked where I usually park and no checkout queues. Agree about using your local high street if you can as well.

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