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How long will this Christmas pie last? Please help!

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WUME Mon 22-Dec-14 20:50:59

I made pie yesterday.

Was going to cook and freeze to eat cold on boxing day spread but made a bodge job of the pastry so had to start eating it today as it was falling apart  

Will it have to be binned tomorrow or will some of it ( the half that stayed in one piece) still be okay on boxing day?

WUME Mon 22-Dec-14 20:52:51

I'll try again.

HemanOrSheRa Mon 22-Dec-14 21:26:15

Can't you wrap and freezer the half that you have, like you were going to anyway? I made this pie a couple of years ago. Its delicious! I wouldn't take a chance serving it on boxing day if you're not going to freeze it.

WUME Mon 22-Dec-14 22:10:15

Genius! Why didn't I think of that - thank you thanks

HollyBerrie Mon 22-Dec-14 22:13:33

I made sonething like this on friday. The recipe said good for 5 days. My pastry was a disaster too but managed to save it...

HemanOrSheRa Mon 22-Dec-14 22:46:55

You are welcome WUME!

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