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Anyone for a Snowball?

(4 Posts)
annabanana19 Mon 22-Dec-14 17:53:47

Mmmmmm just opened 2 bottles. Love my Christmas tipple!

Wombat22 Mon 22-Dec-14 17:56:29

Can I just have a babycham please fsmile

insancerre Mon 22-Dec-14 17:59:07

Yes please!
I've been addicted to them since the 70s when we were allowed them at parties as kids
I've got the babycham in too

annabanana19 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:05:03

Ah they're not the same as they used to be though. Babycham has really changed.

Got 8 bottles for £6 in Morrisons. They also had cherry B!

Mum used to give me a Babycham on Christmas Day when I was 13!

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