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what are you buying .... for pets!

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R4roger Mon 22-Dec-14 12:27:24

Have nibbly things for small furry animals, rabbit and guineapig.

and a scarf for dog to wear on the day, <<if it fits>> and dd has brought her a tin of special christmas dog food, from waitrose.
Have sent DH out to buy her a tube of tennis balls. fgrin

SoonToBeMrsB Mon 22-Dec-14 12:40:16

My mum bought my dog a rope with three squeaky chews on it that say "ho ho ho" and one of those stick things that you throw tennis balls with. I've bought him a Christmas jumper, some biscuits, a big ham bone, tripe chews, a teddy and a pack of tennis balls.

He has more under the tree than DP blush

WeAllHaveWings Mon 22-Dec-14 13:06:48

a duck toy, a few packs of innocent hound venison sausages and a large kong air rugby ball.

disneymum3 Mon 22-Dec-14 13:11:01

Floss the dog is getting a big bag of all natural dog treats, and a tin of Christmas dinner dog food
Aero the cat is getting a couple of toys, some cat milk, a bag of treats, and a tin of tuna.
But that's just from us they also get a present from my DM, my DSis, and my DF

CMOTDibbler Mon 22-Dec-14 13:15:56

ddog is getting treats and new squeaky tennis balls, dpuppy treats. Evilgingercat is getting catmilk, and I will buy the chickens some corn on the cob. I won't buy for the other cats as sociopathictabby will catch her own toys, and damagedblackandwhite rejects anything bought for her.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Mon 22-Dec-14 13:16:01

Rabbits have got a wooden chew toy and some rabbit christmas cookies.

dog has got a tin of christmas dog food, treats for her kong, chews, new teddy and a new blanket for her bed.

horses have got sugar cubes, field lick each, polos, extra strong mints and a new rug each.

My mums dog has got a bag full of squeaky toys and balls.

they also get presents from my mum

bilbodog Mon 22-Dec-14 13:16:28

Our dog is getting a squeaky penguin (in honour of John Lewis - but its not a JL one!) reindeer antlers to wear, some of his favourite chews and is bound to get turkey and sausages on the day - plus lots of cuddles.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 22-Dec-14 14:35:54

The guinea-pigs will wear their hats (the two girls have Santa hats and our boy has a woolley pompom hat grin )

They'll pose (judgily) for photos and enjoy some Christmas veg and a cuddle in front of the TV (Dr Who)

My piggies don't do toys but they love a new paper bag .

Skinheadmermaid Mon 22-Dec-14 15:07:36

I have replaced my dog's hoodie. Its black and says 'security' on it. Hilarious I think for a muscular staffy that looks like a doorman anyway.
My DM managed to shrink the last one. hmm
He also has a dog stocking full of treats and I got my DM's cats cat stockings. I'm quite excited about the cat stockings tbh as our old cat was very grumpy and never played with anything but these two cats we have now (mother and son) are very playful and friendly and I just know they'll love the catnip mice!

juneybean Mon 22-Dec-14 15:12:57

My two have stockings stuffed with treats and toys.... Far too many toys think I may have to give some to a rescue centre

Coumarin Mon 22-Dec-14 15:21:31

He can have treats as he has had bladder stones so has special food for it. But he gets toys of us and mil always buys him a few bits. fsmile

So far he has a rubber bone that makes a crunchy sound when chewed he spotted it straight away so has it now, a new waterproof cosy coat and a squeaky pig.

I want a stuffed toy too as he loves them but DH pointed out that sometimes we can't see him under the pile he already has. still getting one

Coumarin Mon 22-Dec-14 15:21:50

He can't have

Dionysuss Mon 22-Dec-14 15:28:02

Frank the dog has
An Xmas jumper
New collar
Id tag
Tennis ball
Santa soft toy
Loads of treats
Sheepskin throw to have on the sofa

The guinea pig has a new tunnel

insanityscratching Mon 22-Dec-14 15:35:02

Eric's birthday is on Christmas Eve and so he has quite a stash of presents to split between the two occasions. He's getting a new bed and then various squeaky toys and balls and some doggy treats.I'm hoping that he will be too interested in his own gifts to want to open ours.

NorksEnormous Mon 22-Dec-14 15:50:56

I've bought my dog a penguin costume grin I'm sure he will love it really

Purplehonesty Mon 22-Dec-14 16:12:47

Ddog2 just lost his best friend ddog1 last week so he has a heap of pressies and new teddies to cheer him up. And I sent him to be pampered at the groomers which I think is more a present for us as now he smells lovely and not stinky!
The kids bought him Squeaky things, a kong, biscuits, chew toys...

chockbic Mon 22-Dec-14 16:17:41

A whiskas Christmas stocking for the kitten.

Meplusyouequals4 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:01:09

We have 2 weimaraner they are getting a tub of their favourite treats from our local pet shop they do great treats and at Christmas time the can do what they call a treat box (bit like a selection box for dogs)

So they have pigs ears, stuffed marrow bones, pigs in blankets and a selection of other gross things

Coumarin Mon 22-Dec-14 20:27:24

Purple Sorry for your loss flowers Always so sad. x

DH has brought home a big stuffed monkey and a fluffy blanket to add to Dog's presents. fgrin

Cherrychocolate Mon 22-Dec-14 20:50:22

Some chocolate drops and a seed bar for our hamster.

A fruit bar for Our Budgie.

Lots of squeakies, chews and balls for the dogs.

Our goldie gets so excited on Christmas morning. Her stocking hangs downstairs, and she waits until she hears voices upstairs, then comes running up to 'tell' us .... He's been!!!!!

One year we gave her the first present, but she needed a wee! Funniest thing to see her squatting in the garden with a wrapped present in her mouth! She was so desperate to open it, she wasn't going to let go, bless her. We also have a puppy this year, so it will be lovely to see what she makes of all the excitement.

Happy Christmas to all our furry and feathered friends xxx

Lovelydiscusfish Mon 22-Dec-14 21:29:37

This is a nice thread - lots of very well loved pets on here!
My dog is getting a squeaky pink bone toy (chosen by dd) and a sort of selection box of festive shaped chews.
The thread has reminded me that we haven't got the cats anything yet! They're too old and sensible for toys, but we've got to go to town tomorrow so I'll pick up some treats - maybe some of those stuffed pillow things, they love them!

QueenFuri Mon 22-Dec-14 21:32:22

Dog has a new squeaky pig, a tennis ball on a rope a doggy stocking, a bone and a pack of turkey flavored chews

Kitten has a stocking, some balls with feathers, dreamies and a feather thing. I want to buy her that cats meow toy but DP won't let me spend 15 pounds on a cat toy spoil sport.

ThisFenceIsComfy Mon 22-Dec-14 21:39:16

My lovely cat has a new toy (which she'll ignore), some Dreamies and a new bed (also will be shunned)

The hamster has some nibbly treats and a new ball.

Lifesalemon Mon 22-Dec-14 22:00:43

My cats getting nothing! He's impossible to buy for!
He won't eat anything but his usual fish flavoured dry food (even offered fresh salmon and he turned his nose up)
He won't sleep anywhere but on the window sill so no point buying a fancy bed. (He's had two)
He has lost more collars and ID tags then I can remember.
He only plays with things he shouldn't have and shuns any toy that is meant for him.
As a kitten he had a fab play tower, scratch posty thing. He ignored it and scratched the stair carpet instead.
I've run out of ideas, he can have a cuddle if he wants but he's only up for that on his terms and it usually means his dish is empty or he needs someone to open the door.
He won't notice and will probably sleep through most of christmas anyway.
This sounds very negative but he is the boss of the house and we all love him to bits even if he is hard to please fgrin

MeAndMySpoon Mon 22-Dec-14 22:37:41

CMOT, I also have an Evilgingercat. grin He's also more than capable of catching his own toys, bless. hmm Because DS1 asked Father Christmas for a cat bed for the creature, he's getting that (we really ought to have got him one before, but he's a CAT, he sleeps where he chooses anyway) and I just forked over TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS in Pets At Home for a nice one to keep the draughts off. I feel totally fleeced. He also has a minty chew toy to make his vole-breath smell nicer.

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