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Minnie911 Mon 22-Dec-14 11:49:00

Does anyone know about amiibo? We have the wii u console already do I need to buy a specific game plus the characters or can I buy the characters to use with the super mario games we already have?

TwoNoisyBoys Mon 22-Dec-14 12:26:27

I don't really know what I'm talking about here grin but I found that there's quite a bit of useful information on the Nintendo website regarding this! In phone so can't do links sorry....

TwoNoisyBoys Mon 22-Dec-14 12:30:14

Sorry, meant to say that as far as I can remember, they only work with three games....Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros and another one that I can't remember!

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 22-Dec-14 17:31:32

I bought DS Super Smash Bros plus 5 Amiibo characters for one of his birthday presents and he was not very impressed. Apparently they aren't all that useful even in the games they work with. DS says that it's Nintendo trying to access the Skylanders/Infinity market, and trying to find a proper use for the Wii U pad. I think his Amiibo's may be going back to the shop tomorrow... They are cute little figures, but it doesn't seem like they do very much.

Minnie911 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:23:00

Thanks for your replys I think I'll give it a miss ive searched online and I can't see the point of them either tbh thanks

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