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Can feel Christmas going down the drain....very worried!

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Coralcolour Mon 22-Dec-14 07:35:18

So I had lots of plans for Christmas, booked to go somewhere really Christmassy on Saturday with the DC was planning on going to the shops on the weekend and buy all the bits we need for this week and was going to bake lots of goodies too.
This is until DC1 came down with a chest infection on the weekend, meaning we missed out on our Christmassy outing, then the stomach bug hit me and DP and now it would seem I have a chest infection too ( going to the docs today). I can hardly move let alone go shopping and all online slots are booked up now. We are meant to be at relatives on Xmas day but won't be going if we are all poorly. Luckily I have all the presents although they need wrapping.

I'm just worried we are going to have no food or any fun this Christmas and I was so looking forward to it sad

Nocturne123 Mon 22-Dec-14 07:48:06

Oh no sad sorry you're all ill . Terrible time of year to get sick ! I had my appendix out on Christmas Day last year on my daughters first christmas and it was really crap .

Do you work and if you do maybe you have some time off? You could delay christmas and have a fake Christmas Day with your family when you're all better?

Sending you all get well wishes and brewbrew

defineme Mon 22-Dec-14 07:54:12

The dr will give medicine and then when that kicks in my advice is to go to a small shop. My little Co-op branch is open to 11 pm, had everything in date for xmas dinner and no queues. Chickenis nicer than turkey if they have none.

Coralcolour Mon 22-Dec-14 07:58:20

Thanks for your replies smile
Yes it is the worst time to be ill and normally I can still function when I'll but this has totally knocked me for six!

I'm not currently working but DP is up xmas eve, he has taken today off though.

That's a great idea to go to a little shop, hopefully it won't be as busy? Only problem is I can't even think of food at the moment let alone what to buy for Xmas week, It isn't DPs strong point either!

bakingaddict Mon 22-Dec-14 08:30:36

There are no delivery slots left for Christmas but you can do Click and Collect. I'm going to stay with my Dad and he informed me last night that he hasn't done any Christmas shopping. The thought of having to go around the supermarket on a Christmas Eve filled me with dread but I managed to do the shop online and have him pick it up from the store tomorrow

NigellasGuest Mon 22-Dec-14 08:55:30

Tell the relatives NOW that you won't be coming. You can rearrange to see them or at least some of them in January perhaps? That will tAke some pressure off you and the stress you are having is worse than the actual illness!

Have a lovely snugly Christmas with soup and a tin of quality street and lots of love x

cozietoesie Mon 22-Dec-14 09:01:17

It'll be fine. Go to the little shops and see what you can manage for the DC - but basically, just have the place warm and cuddly with as much light and colour as you can do for a few hours.

Hope you feel better soon.

dancingwitch Mon 22-Dec-14 09:13:43

We're in a similar position and it has led me to completely reassess Christmas. Normally, I would be in a flurry of baking and preparing in advance by now. As it is, I looked through the cupboards & freezer last night and realised we can have pasta bake for lunch, sausage and mash for tea, chicken pieces in some jar of sauce tomorrow and pizza for tea, all of which are easy to prepare and will definitely be eaten by the DC. That buys me 48 hours by which time someone will hopefully be feeling well enough to leave the house!
I've realised it is a good thing that the DC are feeling ill at the same time as we are as they're happy parked in front of the TV whereas if they were ill they'd be getting bored & needing to be exercised.
I've wrapped some presents but not all. It has occurred to me that I could just stack the other presents on the floor and drape a sheet of wrapping paper over it. The DC won't care!
This may go down in family history as "then Christmas we were all ill and just watched TV in our pyjamas".

TarnishdWithAshAndSootgremlin Mon 22-Dec-14 10:07:06

Yes try and get a click and collect slot, but if you can't just write a small list for your local shop.

It is just a roast dinner, so don't put loads of pressure on yourself. Keep things basic.

Meat to roast, couple of easy trimmings if you want - jar of cranberry, packet of stuffing or packet of bread sauce whatever you like.

Basic veg with one Christmassy addition - sprouts, parsnips or red cabbage.

Box of crackers.

Frozen Yule log/Christmas pudding/couple boxes of mince pies. Cream/ice cream.

Tin of quality street, boxes of chocolate fingers for the kids. Cheese, biscuits.

Nice soft drinks.

Buy some buffet style food to pick at on Boxing Day - ham, cheese, pork pies, sausage rolls, coleslaw, pickles, ready made salad.

Remember the shops will be open again right after Christmas, so don't panic and just get what you need to tide you over.

Christmas Day can be a pyjama day playing with new toys, your kids will probably love that more than anything you could have planned.

Feel for you, we've all been ill this week, I've got a shattered three year old with a barking cough, a poorly baby who may need a doctors visit and I'm down with it myself. Toddler's been asking me to make Christmas biscuits with him all week but I just haven't been able to and feel rubbish about it, but it is what it is, we'll still have fun, the important thing is to get everyone well.

marne2 Mon 22-Dec-14 11:05:40

One year when the dc's were little dh was struck down with flu and I had a stomach bug, we were recovering by Christmas Eve but I had no energy to cook or shop. My lovely mum cooked Christmas dinner for us and helped put toys together. It wasn't the best christmas but we did return the favour to my mum by having a 2nd christmas on New Year's Day where i cooked her dinner ( we felt much better by then ). Ever since that christmas we have not made big plans and I now order my food online so I don't have to face the food shop whilst feeling rough ( as tbh a lot of people are ill near Christmas, it's winter and their are loads of bugs doing the rounds ). This year I have everything prepared and I'm not leaving the house before Christmas so hopefully we will be germ free, dd is recovering from a nasty cold but should be well by Christmas Day.

cozietoesie Mon 22-Dec-14 12:23:36

Actually, my local Co-op was open last year on Xmas Day and it looks as if they're doing the same this year. I think they're mad - but Hey Ho.

Coralcolour Mon 22-Dec-14 15:48:48

Thank you everyone for your kind get well messages and also ideas on how to get through this week!

I've been to the doctors and I do indeed have a chest infection, I have some medication so hopefully that will kick in soon.
We only have one big supermarket by us and they have no click and collect spaces left so I will have to try and brave the smaller co op when I'm feeling brave!

The main thing is the kids have pressies to open and I'm sure they will be happy slobbing at home for the day and like you say we can always have another Xmas day on a day when we are all better smile

RojaGato Mon 22-Dec-14 16:09:08

Sorry to hear about the chest you have any chic
nese or indian restaurants locally that will deliver on Xmas day so you can really take the strain off?

One of the best Xmases I ever had as a kid was one time it was just my mum and me and huge chinese takeway. No fuss, no stress, no family drama, just prawns with cashews nuts, roast duck and loads of chat and movies.

Get well soon!

Coralcolour Mon 22-Dec-14 18:41:37

Ooohh now there's an idea!! We all love Chinese!

I will have a look and see if any are silly enough to open on Christmas Day smile

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