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Pork Shoulder - OK when cold?

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WheresMyBodyGone Sun 21-Dec-14 21:42:52

It needs cooking, a 3Kg top quality, out of date today. Can I cook it and have it cold for Christmas or can it go in the freezer?

Clutterbugsmum Sun 21-Dec-14 21:57:52

Yes it can be frozen for another time from raw.

Or you could cook, slice and freeze. I quite often do and use for sandwiches.

serin Sun 21-Dec-14 22:04:51

I sometimes cook, then layer up in a dish with gravy, then freeze.

Easy Sunday lunch for another busy day!

Clutterbugsmum Sun 21-Dec-14 22:29:34

So do I serin, just add 'Aunt Bessie' roasties, youkshires and some frozen veg and you have roast dinner in 30mins.

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