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2kg ham - slow cooker then roast?

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crapcrapcrapcrap Sun 21-Dec-14 09:02:41

I usually just boil it but want to do something a bit more special (plus it's huge!) - what do you think about slow cooking for 10 hours then roasting with a glaze for a while?

zgaze Sun 21-Dec-14 09:23:46

That's how I do it - always get a 2.5kg one for Xmas, slow cooker it in either cider / ginger beer / coke (all delicious) then roast for just long enough for the glaze to brown. To glaze I use either ginger preserve, honey or marmalade mixed with mustard, usually whack some cloves in as well. I've roasted it straight from the slow cooker or after its cooled, both fine.

Mmm can't wait for this years now!

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