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Is it strange to buy for Christmas and not birthdays?

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springbabydays Sun 21-Dec-14 06:40:51

Does anyone else do this? It's happened with a friend of mine and her kids. I'm happy to do it as Christmas is easier to plan for (always send birthday cards btw just not presents). Does anyone else have this arrangement?

NorwaySpruce Sun 21-Dec-14 06:46:35

We don't bother much with birthdays.

The children get to pick a day out, or have dinner somewhere nice, but we don't do parties or gifts.

We do gifts at Christmas though.

ThePrincessWhoSatOnTheSprout Sun 21-Dec-14 07:03:14

I think it's a bit unusual. Loads of people celebrate Christmas, but surely your birthday is YOUR special day? We've always made an effort for birthdays and Christmas to be special.

WastingMyYoungYears Sun 21-Dec-14 07:15:32

We do this for some of the children on DH's side of the family - I sometimes wonder whether it's weird too grin! It just sort of happened, and it's presumably an improvement on the previous no presents situation...

Thegreatunslept Sun 21-Dec-14 07:17:40

We do the opposite within the group of friends I'm in we buy for children's birthdays but not for Christmas.

supermariossister Sun 21-Dec-14 07:31:52

I like to send birthday as I see it as the child's special day just of their own whilst Christmas is everyone. don't know why really just always thought that way.

bogiesaremyonlyfriend Sun 21-Dec-14 08:12:29

I have a friend that buys for birthdays but not Christmas. I think birthdays are special times for the individual so we make it more about doing something special with them, but they still get a present. Only one from us though, I know families that give a sack....

callmekitten Sun 21-Dec-14 13:17:19

We do birthdays rather than Christmas. Finances can get a bit tight at Christmas with all the other expenses you have at that time so we all agreed as a group to do birthdays and skip the Christmas presents.

3bunnies Sun 21-Dec-14 18:32:31

We buy for Christmas on my side rather than birthday as we actually see them at Christmas. Birthday is just a card.

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