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Tell me what I would love please ?

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BeaLola Sat 20-Dec-14 17:31:47

Ok I'm in a lucky place that I don't desperately need anything but I need to give a list of suggestions to my brother and SIL so they can buy me something. The thing is I don't like getting vouchers and I like not to know what Im going to get so I need lots of ideas. Budget from £ to £100. I already have a lot of perfume and lovely candles plus an original kindle. Thought about GhD wave thing but not sure what they are like (have posted in Style and Beauty re those). They work in London so as long as from easy to get to stores will be okay.

bryonyelf Sat 20-Dec-14 17:41:41

Any of the gifts from the beauty counters? Clarins do a lovely selection but I particularly like their body creams, hand creams and facial oils. Molton brown?

Piece of jewellery? Links of London?

Nice leather handbag or purse?

Twinklestar2 Sat 20-Dec-14 18:49:17

Anything from:

Jo Malone
Links of London
Cath Kidston


Twinklestar2 Sat 20-Dec-14 18:50:37

Molton Brown products are lovely!

Clinique gift set
Mac make up
Bobbi Brown palette
Anything from Smashbox


Twinklestar2 Sat 20-Dec-14 18:53:38

More ideas!

New camera
New handbag


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