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Does everyone buy Christmas presents for their toddler ?

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pigwitch Thu 18-Dec-14 17:18:20

I have always bought presents for my dc at Christmas, even when they've been too young to understand etc. Not a huge amount but a few presents to open even though they're more interested in the paper.
My friend however isn't getting anything for her 2 year old -says she's too young to understand etc. It isn't a money issue as they're financially fine and she buys for her older dc's.

Does anyone else do this?

JuniperTisane Thu 18-Dec-14 17:21:16

DS2 is almost 2 (in january) and he would most certainly realise if he didn't get a present alongside DS1.

I wouldn't get away with it.

snappybadger Thu 18-Dec-14 17:26:11

I only have one dc and he will be my one and only, so I have bought for him every Christmas, although the first one, when he was only about 10 months he only had 3 presents and had no idea what was going on. But from the second Christmas I've done him a stocking as well as main presents. The fun in also in the giving not just the receiving and I love choosing things that I know he'll like/enjoy.

I think a 2 year old will feel really upset to not receive any presents at Christmas - especially if older siblings will be receiving some. Seems rather mean!

batgirl1984 Thu 18-Dec-14 17:34:08

I bought for my 6 month old. Not because he had a clue, but because I wanted his big sister to see him getting things as well as her. I say bought, I just wrapped up a few things he needed anyway.

Artandco Thu 18-Dec-14 17:37:18

I always bought for mine even as tiny babies. It makes no difference buying a 6 month old a sleepsuit and bath duck in the year or at Xmas, they will be bought regardless so it's nice to wrap for a picture

NorksEnormous Thu 18-Dec-14 17:44:08

I always bought for mine. Dd is 2 this year and would certainly realise if her brother got new toys and she didn't! I think she would spend all Christmas Day making us aware of the unfairness of it all! wink

Hulababy Thu 18-Dec-14 17:44:37

I always bought DD gifts even when she was a baby, let alone a toddler.
I always buy for other people's babies and toddlers too - have bought my nephew some fab Happyland toys - he is abt 18 months.

PotteringAlong Thu 18-Dec-14 17:45:08

Ds1 was only 3 weeks old for his first christmas so I got him a book and nothing else. Ds2 is now 12 weeks old and I'm giving him presents old things belonging to ds1 I've wrapped up because DS1 expects Santa to come to both of them and at 3 he would query it if he didn't

Secretblackandmidnighthag Thu 18-Dec-14 17:46:26

I was going to, but it was his second birthday a few weeks ago and he just was not interested in the presents! And didn't seem to have any understanding of the whole thing. So no, I'm not going to bother. He'll get presents from everyone else, has toys coming out of his ears and is only bothered about footballs anyway. Although I did get him an inflatable snow man from the pound shop that he can bash around smile

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 18-Dec-14 17:51:47

sad choosing not to buy your little one any presents is sad. Poor little one.

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Thu 18-Dec-14 18:00:59

My 2-and-a-matter-of-weeks yo was very excited to meet Santa this afternoon and happily told him he'd like "race cars" for Christmas. He improves his behaviour if you mention Santa is watching to make sure he's being a good boy. So yes, I'd say your average 2yo understands and gets excited by Christmas

Clueing4looks Thu 18-Dec-14 18:01:08

I've bought my nephew a pressie and he's not even due til February!

That's really sad that they'll receive nothing. They do understand at that age, it's the first one they can 'join in' with properly.

I feel awful for this child

Lovelydiscusfish Thu 18-Dec-14 18:02:41

My dd was well under two last Christmas, but definitely appreciated the presents she had, and would have known if she hadn't had any!
Mind you, I do think that parents can get away quite cheaply with this age group, if necessary - they're equally happy with charity shop or Poundland stuff, as with really pricey stuff.

Shamazeballs Thu 18-Dec-14 18:03:50

I've got DS2 (15 months) quite a bit. Happyland, toy kitchen, books etc. His birthday isn't until September so I'm buying things he will use in a few months as well as now.

pigwitch Thu 18-Dec-14 18:21:24

So it isn't just me that thinks it's a bit tight then. She did the same for her 2nd birthday too.
Luckily she'll receive gifts from grandparents etc on Boxing Day.

blacktreaclecat Thu 18-Dec-14 18:23:51

DS is 2.6 and is looking forward to Christmas and knows Santa will bring him presents.
I'm beside myself with excitement too!
I can't imagine not getting him anything, I love shopping for him smile

GertrudePerkins Thu 18-Dec-14 18:24:16

i got stuff for dd2's first Christmas at when she was 6 weeks old. TBH this was for dd1's benefit - seeing that Santa brought a full stocking for each of them. Only dd2's was filled with bibs and sleepsuits, and I got to eat all of her chocolate coins.

BiscuitsofYum Thu 18-Dec-14 18:30:22

Wow... This is strange.. I was just talking about this with my DM on the phone! Just hung up and looked on here and this was the first topic..

At 2 children are starting to notice.... especially obvious differences... The two year old would have noticed that older DC had lots of presents while the 2 year old had none or very little.. Sometimes children understand more than they can explain they do...
And for the older DC to see the younger one getting nothing it just doesn't seem fair...

TarnishdWithAshAndSootgremlin Thu 18-Dec-14 19:03:16

At that age, it doesn't have to be much, but getting them presents isn't just about 'stuff', it's about involving them and making them feel part of the day. I couldn't imagine excluding a child from the occasion by doing that, whatever age they were.

I'm just confused by it really - does her two year old have no toys to play with? Clothes to wear? If they buy her toys and clothes generally, then why not some wrapped up and given at Christmas. When my ds was two he certainly enjoyed unwrapping presents and playing with the things inside. Why wouldn't you want your child to participate in it all?

My dd will be nearly a year at Christmas, of course she won't really know exactly what's going on, but she will know something is going on, and she will get to join in. She likes wrapping paper, and she also likes toys and books and she is just a baby, so what 2 year old wouldn't?

squiggleirl Thu 18-Dec-14 19:22:45

How mean of somebody to not buy something for a small child because they won't understand. That's just trying to excuse being shitty to a small child. How the hell are they supposed to understand if they aren't even included. What a nasty outlook some people must have on life to say they wouldn't buy a gift for their own child at Christmas, simply because of their age.

Secretblackandmidnighthag Thu 18-Dec-14 19:24:12

Oh fuck off.

Boomtownsurprise Thu 18-Dec-14 19:26:06

My dd knew at 11mths that candles were for blowing out. Would never have got lack of presents past her!

SoonToBeSix Thu 18-Dec-14 19:29:23

Pigwitch please tell your friend she is being mean before it's too late.

Elllimam Thu 18-Dec-14 19:30:33

My just turned two year old is really excited about Christmas, he is asking for Thomas toys and cars. There is so much hype about Christmas in amazed her two year old isn't aware of it. We have had two Christmas parties and two Santa trips already smile

CyclopsBee Thu 18-Dec-14 19:36:38

DS was 2 weeks old on his first Xmas, he had loads of presses fgrin

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