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Is this ok? special TA presents

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TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Thu 18-Dec-14 13:55:35

My son is a severe and complex autistic who has his own TAs and room at school.They are fantastic and deserve a treat.

One of them I know much much better than the others,he's an amazing guy and I could easily find loads of things to get him for Christmas,in fact had something in mind.BUT the others (including one he doesn't see so much now) I don't know too well and wouldn't have a clue.

Last year I bought the one I know well,something I knew he'd love (a One in a Minion cup)and was a saw this and thought of you present, but the other two ended up with pretty generic presents as I didn't know what to get them and they seemed a bit hurt.

So,with that and leaving things until last minute,I've got the main two (both male) an Amazon voucher and intend to put a little note in explaining why it's so impersonal and adding to TA one that something I know he would probably like is on Amazon for the same price,I didn't want other TA's to feel like I'd got one a better present than the other and for TA two,adding that I wouldn't know what to get him as my sons suggestion was a tennis ball (will make him laugh!)!

Female TA has rose plant.
I'll be sending in chocs to share and I've got ds to make them a little story each,about themselves.

Is that ok or does it seem a bit pants?I'm feeling a bit rubbish about resorting to gift cardsblush

viruswithhold Thu 18-Dec-14 13:57:21

Sounds like a very nice thing to do, and lovely.

CwtchesAndCuddles Thu 18-Dec-14 21:20:29

Sounds lovely - my son has autism and goes to a special school, he is in small class with 1 teacher and 4 TAs. I have bought them a botle of wine each this year and have put a personal note in each of their Christmas cards thanking them for all they do.
I also bake some goodies for them to share!

I think it's more about making them feel appreciated than the gift itself, and making them aware of how much you value their input.

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