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Please help a desperate mum at Christmas (lighthearted)

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MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 09:04:33

Regular mumsnetter!
Please help me give my son the only Christmas present he has asked for this year !!!

Does any one have any unwanted TEAM UMIZOOMI toys that they are willing to sell to me please?
I ordered the Umicar from America but sadly it arrived badly damaged and unsafe to use.

Please help me mumsnetters !

ftmsoon Thu 18-Dec-14 09:43:56

I've never heard of it, sorry, but bumping for you.

MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 09:45:29

Thank you ft!
It's a tv show on Nick Jnr that focuses on preschool maths x

EatShitDerek Thu 18-Dec-14 09:47:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 09:49:20

I was bidding on one last night on eBay UK that went for £56.
Found one for £40 posted from America but, wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas!

Feel gutted ��
Thanks for all the bumps x

NurseDoctor Thu 18-Dec-14 09:59:07

It looks like it's either or Ebay, as toy retailers don't seem to stock it, is it a new programme to the UK?
It may be worth contacting Ebay sellers and offering a buy it now, even if it isn't advertised, as they will start to lose buyers soon as less hope for delivery before Christmas
Wish i could be more help

MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 10:01:56

Thank you Nurse.
No it's not a new show. It was first aired in 2010 and is still shown on nick jnr today.

If he still liked Peppa pig we wouldn't be having these issues grin

MsAspreyDiamonds Thu 18-Dec-14 10:13:25

Ask on the bargain thread, people on there are quite good at tracking things down.
Good luck.

MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 10:14:43

Good idea thank you diamonds x

2anddone Thu 18-Dec-14 22:11:27

Does he have a leap frog leap reader? The entertainer has the team umizoomi book for that for less than £5? Failing that do you have a t k max near you sometimes they sell random toys you can't always get in uk?

WeaselOfWimbledon Thu 18-Dec-14 22:16:25

Would he appreciate a homemade one?

MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 22:46:36

I have been hunting the local tk maxx recently but thank you for that suggestion! Found some wonderful treasures there so far !

He would go nuts for a home made one but sadly I don't think I could do it justice Wimbledon x

MamaDoGood Thu 18-Dec-14 22:48:29

2andDone my eldest has a leap reader that he didn't take notice of so could recycle that for the little one. Great idea, thanks x

jellyandsoup Fri 19-Dec-14 10:12:25

Is that the one with the red rocket?

jellyandsoup Fri 19-Dec-14 10:14:34

No ignore me that was little Einsteins. What about making up some little cards of each character and laminating them, if you make 2 of each you could play snap

GirlAnachronism Fri 19-Dec-14 12:43:34

there are quite a few team umioomi books on amazon, would that be any good?

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