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Those of you working on Xmas day

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nicola44 Wed 17-Dec-14 11:56:59

I found out yesterday that I'm working on Xmas day, having previously been told that it's not normally a problem as most my younger colleagues prefer to work Xmas and have new year off instead (I'm a community carer). Anyway, my shift is 2-10pm. Question is, how do you do Christmas? I can't eat a full meal before a shift, makes me feel tired, and I can't drive in that state. Would you write the day off, the kids and dh go to his parents and do the Xmas dinner ourselves another day? Boxing Day I have to visit my father 100 miles away, so that's out.

CaisleanDraiochta Wed 17-Dec-14 13:05:00

Could you maybe have your Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve instead? They do this in a lot of other European countries anyway. Then you just have presents extra to do on the morning of the 25th and there should be plenty leftovers for a light lunch before you go to work and DC/DH go to ILs.

Rugbylovingmum Wed 17-Dec-14 13:11:40

DP's father was a policeman and often worked Xmas day so they always had their dinner on Xmas eve. It's actually really nice as the kids aren't in a rush to go off and play and you don't have to spend Xmas morning cooking. We decided to do the same so have our Xmas dinner then board games on Xmas eve. on Xmas day we do a buffet type dinner with leftovers plus nice party pack from m&s. very relaxing and the kids can just grab a few bits or a plateful while playing.

GertrudePerkins Wed 17-Dec-14 13:15:40

I'm not, but DH is - he'll be leaving the house at 2pm.

We're having a roast dinner on Xmas eve, and on the day itself I'll do a big brunch buffet. We might have a few people popping in, so they can help themselves to whatever when they arrive. I'm quite looking forward to it - much less time in the kitchen for me, so more drinking prosecco time to spend with everyone. less washing up too.

mrsfarquhar Wed 17-Dec-14 14:14:57

I think if you have to work, that's not too bad timing (my Dad was a doctor and often worked Christmas). Assuming you are off in the afternoon on xmas eve, I'd do a lovely late afternoon Christmas dinner by candlelight. You can do all the exciting Christmas eve things with the DC and all the morning excitement and presents. A brunch as suggested by Gertrude and then set off.

I wouldn't write the day off completely at all. You've got quite a chunk of the main events (depending on the rest of your schedule).

Thurlow Wed 17-Dec-14 14:30:59

Dp is doing the same shift as you. We're going to have Christmas morning at home so he can see DD open her presents, but then DD and me are going to my parents about lunchtime to stay for a few days. We'll have Christmas dinner there later. I guess DP might do sausage sandwiches or something in the morning. We'll probably end up doing our Christmas dinner nearer New Year, when he's finally off work and me and DD are back at home.

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