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Which website did we all buy alphabet mugs from last year?

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frazzled74 Tue 16-Dec-14 10:27:08

Can anyone remember please?

GreenEyedMonster14 Tue 16-Dec-14 10:58:44

Sorry I don't know about last year, but matalan are doing them for £2 this year.

SouthernOne Tue 16-Dec-14 13:01:44

I bought mine from Heals last year £12.50 and yes matatan have them this year at £2 each

Neeko Tue 16-Dec-14 13:06:53

The ones on the bargain thread were magpie ones from park promotions. Haven't seen them this year but all the people at work I gave mine to loved them and use them everyday. Stops us drinking each other's cuppa!

frazzled74 Tue 16-Dec-14 13:20:58

Magpie, that was it! Will have a look, Matalan all out of stock .

GreenEyedMonster14 Tue 16-Dec-14 13:36:35

Marks and Spencer are also doing them but more expensive. £6.50 I think.

The matalan ones come back into stock quite frequently. You can get a stock alert email.

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