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How are you doing your turkey?

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Rockinghorse123 Mon 15-Dec-14 09:40:36

Just that really. It's my first year cooking the turkey and i've got 11 coming so I'm looking for inspiration for how to make the turkey delicious! fgrin

HollyJollyXmas Mon 15-Dec-14 09:57:15

Follow Delia!

Whitershadeofpale Mon 15-Dec-14 09:58:24

I've done the Nigella brining method for years now and wouldn't alter if you paid me. Delicious and moist .

HollyJollyXmas Mon 15-Dec-14 10:00:03

Brining makes very salty an juices, though, doesnt it? Not good for gravy. But you can make a gravy ahead with stock, I guess.

HollyJollyXmas Mon 15-Dec-14 10:00:19

*pan juices

ClaimedByMe Mon 15-Dec-14 10:02:10

we get a rolled breast joint and I slow cook it, usually on a bed of carrots, leeks, whatever else I have.

olbas Mon 15-Dec-14 10:48:18

I will go and fetch it on Christmas eve, put it in the utility room and ignore it until around 9am Christmas day. I will then slather (nice word grin) it in butter, put streaky bacon in a lattice fashion on the breast, shove an onion or two down it's neck. I will then put it into a pre heated oven for an hour or so, baste it, ignore it for another 2 hours, take it out , dh, ds1 and db will come in and eat the bacon.

VillageFete Mon 15-Dec-14 11:18:54

Can anyone help me? I'm doing a crown on Christmas eve along with some home made stuffing, it's only for sandwiches but i'd like the turkey to have the wow factor. Not sure of the weight of the turkey, but it'd feed 8 people for dinner.

Can I do a Nigella with it? Or can't you brine a crown? any tips?

LizzieMint Mon 15-Dec-14 11:31:29

I'm planning to slow cook mine for the first time, never have enough oven space so that should help. We're just having a crown as half the guests are veggie.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 15-Dec-14 11:34:39

Delia here too, olive oil instead of butter as we are dairy free, lots of streaky bacon on top, nice and easy and stays very moist in its tent of foil.

Whitershadeofpale Mon 15-Dec-14 11:40:36

You can brine a crown (that's what we usually have) I make the gravy on Christmas Eve with stock and then grain all of the juices and just deglaze the pan and add to the gravy. A little bit is fine and not too salty.

Clutterbugsmum Mon 15-Dec-14 12:34:39

I stuff the turkey and put on some butter and bacon on the top and cook covered in foil, then remove for the last 30 mins to brown.

I always cook mine on Christmas Eve and put the meat juices in the fridge so I can remove the fat to make gravy on Christmas day.

PlantsAndFlowers Mon 15-Dec-14 13:09:32

Turkey roulade.

Bash Turkey breasts til thin on a sheet of clingfilm. Cover in a layer of stuffing. Roll up like Swiss roll. Wrap in pancetta. Wrap in foil. Roast for an half an hour or so in foil then, remove foil and roast till done. Best turkey recipe ever, lovely and moist.

Downside is that you have to make the gravy separately, so I roast a chicken the week before christmas and freeze the gravy from that.

dreamingofsun Mon 15-Dec-14 14:01:08

i put the bag it comes in, into oven and cook for stated time. think i might have to baste towards end. ive tried loads of different ways and this is the best and easiest - thanks to waitrose.

tried brining and its lots of work, little gain

my other preferred method is to daub with butter/marg and then cook in foil (no gaps so steams). this keeps it moist and requires little work, before basting at end

Tigresswoods Mon 15-Dec-14 14:06:02

I defer to DH one day a year... Yay!

TheWordFactory Mon 15-Dec-14 18:02:50

I stuff mine with sausage meat stuffing, anoint with butter and roast it upside down (the fats them run from the underside into the breast meat which is the driest part of a turkey).

scubagoose Wed 17-Dec-14 09:20:58

I follow the phil vickery way that he shows on this morning..its scary as it only takes 2 hours in the oven but it is always amazingly moist.. with fab gravy too. wont do it any other way now

babsieboo Thu 08-Jan-15 22:21:26

We cook ours on the BBQ, following a recipe from the Daily Mail that was printed a few years ago.

Davros Sat 10-Jan-15 00:25:09

BBQ by my DSis too. Quick and leaves lots of room in the oven

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