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Erm, gosh, 10 days to go. Is it only me who started really well and then gently tailed away?

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TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 15-Dec-14 06:49:26

My house is a tip, seriously awful fblush
I have a few gifts still to buy. Get paid Thursday, Amazon basket is ready to go and I have Prime so hopefully no issues there.
No food ordered. Friend has a joint of venison put aside for us but so far that's it.
Cards written but not delivered.
Decorations down from loft but that's as far as it went.
One of four stockings made- very nice it is too but not much consolation to the non stocking owning recipients.
Bits for wreath sat on the dining table since Friday.

And I started so early as well but took my eye off the ball <sobs>

meandjulio Mon 15-Dec-14 06:51:19

I'm in the 'ach it'll be fine' period.

I have a list written for everything i've still to do. That's enough, right?

RudyMentary Mon 15-Dec-14 06:53:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

boxoftissues Mon 15-Dec-14 06:54:41

We have no food ordered and are arguing over what to have anyway, roast or mexican. I have 14 coming for lunch on 21st so am focussing on that rather than christmas!

3bunnies Mon 15-Dec-14 06:58:57

Sounds like me! Haven't ordered any food (they'll sell a Turkey in the shops right?), haven't wrapped any dc presents (offered overtime at work which couldn't turn down and dc taking in turns to have days off sick). Haven't got anything much for dh yet. Homemade decorations for teachers only half done, only two cards written. Half the presents still in the post.

It's only one day though, what can possibly go wrong!

TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 15-Dec-14 07:02:39

A wreath for your gravy rudy, that is posh fgrin
And yes meandjulio I agree, a list is the way to go <fetches notebook>

KneeQuestion Mon 15-Dec-14 07:03:55

Raises hand...

I started off feeling very on top of things, now realising that actually, I am really behind.

No online delivery slot booked, will probably miss out there and have to go to the supermarket in person <the horror>

Ive bought my gammon, that's in the fridge and my sausage meat which is now in the freezer.

Have got one childs 'main' present, two more to go, got a few pressies for adult family members, still need to do the stocking fillers.

Tree down from the loft, hopefully it will go up in the next few days.

It will all come together by the end of this week, fingers crossed.

TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 15-Dec-14 07:14:22

Make a list knee, a list. That's what me and julio are doing fgrin

Mousefinkle Mon 15-Dec-14 07:38:23

Well, decorations have been up for 2 weeks so that's organised at least.

Haven't wrapped a single present yet, in fact I haven't even bought half of the wrapping paper needed yet. Have to buy DH's gifts Friday and likewise he needs to get mine. The cupboard stuff (alcohol, chocolates, crisps etc) is coming with an online delivery Thursday. Going to buy the fresh stuff on the 22nd, already wrote the list out...

I have a colossal baking list that I haven't even slightly conquered. I'm in the denial stage still "ahh it'll be fine.." ten days, it's bloody flown.

RudyMentary Mon 15-Dec-14 07:38:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 15-Dec-14 07:44:08

<adds "gravy wreath" to list>

TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 15-Dec-14 07:48:53

Also rudy, I'm afraid to break it to you but <whispers> theres only one weekend left before Christmas now
<backs away gently>

Happypiglet Mon 15-Dec-14 07:58:37

Started so well.... All presents bought early but then the kids wrote their lists which despite my gentle persuading still contained items I had not purchased so then I suffered with the twitch.
My decs are up so that is good. I do have a delivery slot for 23rd but have not made a list of things to put on it....
Not wrapped a single thing.. Was going to do it during the days before kids broke up but then they and me were all ill and now they are off and I am faced with massive evening sessions once they are all in bed which will make me late for bed.... And grouchy
My main problem is card writing. Annoyingly DH did his yesterday while I was ferrying children around. I have to do mine. I have zero enthusiasm forint but last posting day is Thursday so I must pull out my digit....

StockingFullOfCoal Mon 15-Dec-14 08:04:36

We still have quite a lot to buy. DSS12 - the Lego Minecraft is out of stock everywhere barring eBay and am I bollocks paying triple for it, so substitute big gift needs to be found.

Ordered for DSisters online Friday hopefully the gifts will turn up before the big day. My Dad and Step Mum just want naice dark chocolates so I can easily grab them last minute from anywhere local. DSil and Dbil no idea leaving that to DH. Other DSil and two of my DSisters have the same gift - Barry Trotter book gift sets - all 3 Harry Potter crazy so I know they'll find them hilarious like I did a few years ago when I got them.

Food arriving via Tesco on Saturday.

Sparklingbrook Mon 15-Dec-14 08:05:35

Ugh. That's all I can manage at the moment. Wish we could fast forward to New Year's Day. sad I just CBA at the moment.

WhispersOfWickedness Mon 15-Dec-14 08:13:02

Yup, me too. Had most presents bought by mid October, so I got complacent and now have to make at least 5 presents and buy a couple more. Also need to persuade DS to do his Christmas cards and thank you cards for his birthday presents at the beginning of the month. Need to finish my Christmas cards (mostly given rather than sent though so not so urgent). DH needs to go food shopping (he does Christmas dinner, so that is his responsibility) I need to wrap the presents I've got. Plus a million crafty type things like building gingerbread houses etc. Got family visiting this weekend too, so need to do a proper house clean. ARGH!!!!

TwoNoisyBoys Mon 15-Dec-14 08:14:12

Another one here....I start in earnest at the beginning of November EVERY YEAR, claiming I want to be all done by 1st December. And I do really well, getting the majority if presents, decorations out if the attic....and then it all kind of stops and I have a fortnight off! Then it's TEN DAYS to go and I go into panic mode.....

Need to wrap presents, put up decorations, bake, make food well as arrange two parties! (Why do I do these things?!)

Ah well. It'll get done. I hope!

Nearlyadoctor Mon 15-Dec-14 08:19:28

stocking try toys r us for minecraft lego ours have loads in store although says oos for click and collect or delivery.

If there is one near you that is.

Vagueandbemused Mon 15-Dec-14 08:22:10

I dont order food. PIL do Christmas at their house, FIL doesn't like going anywhere else and we all do what makes him happy.....

I have some gifts. No decs or tree up, and since we recently moved and have no idea where they are. We'll get there, just slowly and at the last minute like we always do :-)

Have done well with gifts though, kids have their main pressies, so if all else fails we'll make up some shit about a broken down sleigh and distract them with chocolate, of which I always have plenty.

Too much money and too much time gets thrown at a holiday that really is about spending time together (says she who has accepted shifts on Christmas Day and Boxing Day to limit contact with 'his' family.... Ahem.)

Footlight Mon 15-Dec-14 08:26:41

I had 2 days a/l booked today and tomorrow to get everything done and now dd has a temperature and ds has croup, so both definitely off school today and probably tomorrow. Aargh!!

Still have only got 50% of the present, no tree or decs up! veg ordered, but no other food yet.

But, in the words of Mr Incredible, I got time <deluded emoticon>

ohtheholidays Mon 15-Dec-14 08:39:45

God glad I'm not the only one.

In our house it's all bloody DH's fault!! fangry

I'm like Mrs Christmas and he's like the Grinch.I started getting bits and pieces back in October but everytime we looked anywhere DH was all about Halloween.Every year all the front garden and downstairs are decorated for Halloween and we have a Halloween party.
I love Halloween as well but it managed to side track my efforts for Christmas.Then we had Bonfire night and a firework display to go to and then my health got worse.

I've put up the tree and DH has decorated the front garden.
I've bought a lot of presents and wrapped them but I still have loads to buy.Thankfully I'm getting all the rest today,but I also have youngest DD7 Christmas play today.

DH has more things to put in the front garden today and we also need to drop of presents and cards at 3 different Aunties and Uncles today.

Also need to drop cards of at my Dad's,My brothers and my Nephews.
Need to find out 5 addresses today for sending cards and maybe presents if they can't get down to us before Christmas.

Need to order 3 lots of flowers for DH's Nan,Auntie and Mum.
Need to kick DH up the arse so he'll write out his family's and friends cards out(they live over 200 miles away from us)and get them sent.
Need to get him to send his Mum's present today as well.

Then after school taking 4 of the 5DC to get they're hair cut then I need to take a Christmas picture of all 5DC to put in a Christmas frame I've bought for DH's Dad and step Mum.

Oh and did I mention we need to do normal food shop and Christmas food shop today as well.

ohtheholidays Mon 15-Dec-14 08:41:08

Oh just remembered I have to decorate the banister in the hall today and I still need to make the wreath for the front door fshock .

Oh for a 40 hour day!

BlueSpottedWindmill Mon 15-Dec-14 08:52:31

We don't even have a tree yet.

Xmas2014Santa5306 Mon 15-Dec-14 08:55:56

I was using this week to get organised.

The baby got chicken pox last night!!!! confused

TheWordFactory Mon 15-Dec-14 09:04:08

I got started in good time but then got distracted by bright shiny objects (admissions process at work, car catastrophe, lots of social eventsblush).

I woke up this morning with an awful shock feeling! Not helped by the fact that the DC have broken up for school.

Am going to tidy the kitchen then make some lists!

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