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Am stuck for a main present for 13 year old dd

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Chumhum Sun 14-Dec-14 23:29:10

Dh gets an iPad everytime there's an upgrade from work, so we are fortunate enough to have a few. She's also got an old iPhone of mine, a kindle from PIL's. There are a few smaller things she wants but nothing that feels like a main present. Any ideas?

cece Sun 14-Dec-14 23:30:54

Mine is getting a Jack Wills hoody and a sewing machine.

MoreCrackThanHarlem Sun 14-Dec-14 23:32:44

I have arranged a 2 night trip to London in February half term, booked a nice hotel and got tickets for an event I know she will love.
Printed the details on a Christmas postcard from Moonpig.
She is 14.

twolittledarlings Sun 14-Dec-14 23:33:32

My dd13 is getting a guitar and accessories as the main present

Snog Mon 15-Dec-14 06:08:47

Polaroid instax?

SageMist Mon 15-Dec-14 06:53:50

Mine's getting a colour printer. Not the most obvious present I admit, but it what she wanted!

CitronVert Mon 15-Dec-14 07:15:31

Does she have long straight hair? What about one of those Babyliss Curl things where it sucks your hair into it? All my 12yo dd's friends are after those at the moment. They're around £120 though so not cheap.

Gumnast2014 Mon 15-Dec-14 07:23:05

Activity present?

Skiing/snowboarding lessons at indoor ski centre

Horse riding lessons

Guitar lessons?

Shopping spree my teen loves river island do would be over the moon with voucher from there

What's she into

brandyandcoke Mon 15-Dec-14 07:45:29

A fun camera? From Lomography? Have a look at the Photographer's Gallery shop. Or a pin hole camera?

YorkshireAtHeart Mon 15-Dec-14 10:12:03

Does she like music? What about a docking station? My dd is getting a beats pill

snowmanshoes Mon 15-Dec-14 13:33:28

I'd second camera, fuljifilm insatx mini 8 are fun polaroid ones.

GooseyLoosey Mon 15-Dec-14 13:34:57

Dd wants a sewing machine.

YorkshireAtHeart Mon 15-Dec-14 13:36:39

Sewing machines are fab! Dd has one and love it (my dd is 16)

GooseyLoosey Mon 15-Dec-14 13:52:12

Gald to hear it Yorkshire - I have bought her one with some trepidation (as sewing is not really my thing). You have however made me think that I should probably get some material for her for Christmas too!

YorkshireAtHeart Mon 15-Dec-14 14:00:37

My dd made herself,Prehaps her birthday you ought to get her some design patterns for her to follow and make her own things?

twolittledarlings Mon 15-Dec-14 20:47:50

My sister is getting both my dd11 and dd13 a fujifilm instax exam era

twolittledarlings Mon 15-Dec-14 20:48:23

Sorry I mean camera not exam era

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