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Gluten free + Vegan Christmas

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Ultracrepidarian Sun 14-Dec-14 17:09:19

Hi, not been on mumsnet for awhile. Children in hospital since Hallows Eve and an unexpected house move really takes up a lot of time, so I've had no time to think about Christmas food.

Shopping for gifts is done, but food for us is so difficult. I ordered the M&S nut roast and luxury sides and gluten free Christmas cake but the nut roast isn't dairy or wheat free, I can get round the sides. I'm going to get some taifun grill sausages and then I'm stuck.

We have a Lidl and an Aldi about an hour away and as we have friends and family popping over all over the Christmas and New Year week can anyone suggest anything from there that's vegan and gluten free or dairy free and gluten free. I'm not wanting to make the journey and be lost for food. I'm trying to cut corners by buying easy to prepare food.

Anything super yummy or luxurious or any other good treats from the other stores, I'm too exhausted for food, my poor guests will end up with salad rolls and crisps at this rate.

Cheers everyone and Merry Christmas.

Misty9 Sun 14-Dec-14 19:00:14

Hmm, in my experience those two shops are a bit pants for gluten free stuff. If they've got it, the almondi frozen dessert cakes are yummy; there's a daim and another flavour now I think. Very rich though. in most major supermarkets.

Have you got a marks and Spencer nearby? They're pretty good for gluten free ready prepared stuff. The chocolate loaf cake is gorgeous and if they have their choc and cherry cake in that's to die for.

Hope your little people get well soon flowers

Ultracrepidarian Sun 14-Dec-14 20:28:44

Thank you, M&S food store is in the city as is Aldi, Lidl and all the big stores. I get Christmas food from M&S I collect it but have never shopped there as its so busy. Thank you, I will go through next week and check it out. I was curious about Lidl as I've been told about their gluten free Christmas range but as I've never shopped there and as I'm not sure exactly where it is I thought I'd check on here. I was hoping for something different and maybe a bit cheaper. I will definately give myself plenty of time and potter around and seek out some goodies.

Misty9 Sun 14-Dec-14 20:42:01

Ooh, first I've heard of a gluten free Christmas range there - will have to check it out myself!

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