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Argh, M&S are out of the Xmas vegetable selection. Alternatives???

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MrsHuxtableReturns Sun 14-Dec-14 12:00:51

I've obviously left it too late. What do I do now? I was after the smaller selection. Do they sell them in store as well without having to order them first?

What a nightmare, honestly. The veggies are the most work!!!

rubyflipper Sun 14-Dec-14 12:02:37

Me too. I have resigned myself to lots of peeling and chopping. fgrin

MrsHuxtableReturns Sun 14-Dec-14 12:06:40

Noooo!!! There must be an alternative???

RayBloodyPurchase Sun 14-Dec-14 12:08:45


RoundRobinSparkles Sun 14-Dec-14 12:21:18

Will they not come in stock in store before Christmas?

Pipbin Sun 14-Dec-14 12:22:34

What was in it?

Lizlette Sun 14-Dec-14 12:29:04

I thought the last order date was the 15th? Might be worth checking?

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 14-Dec-14 12:55:33

This is where delegation comes in. Give your guests knives and let them help. Or even ask them to arrive with the prepared sprouts etc. make it their problem grin

TInselaffe Sun 14-Dec-14 21:43:46

Agree with OYBBK - my Christmas Eve plan involves chopping boards in the living room, TV on, nibbles out, lots of booze and everyone with a knife or veg peeler and big saucepans/bowls for veg and scrapings. Then carry it into the kitchen, put cold water on top and leave it until the morning. Job done.

Alternatively I have seen some people say that you can parboil and freeze them, like ready made roast veg and just take it out of the freezer and put it in the oven on the morning.

ouryve Sun 14-Dec-14 21:46:04

They sell all the components individually. You may have to buy smaller packs of, eg, the cauliflower cheese, though.

ouryve Sun 14-Dec-14 21:51:17

Actually, is this the one you mean?

Serves: 4-6. Roast Potatoes (1kg), Roast Parsnips (500g), Carrot Batons (600g), Brussels Sprouts (550g).

If so, get thee to any supermarket or greengrocer and you can prep all of that the night before. They will have all of those things in store, individually, if you're up for the queue, anyhow. It would be quicker to just chop the veg, though.

And there was me thinking you were after the one with the spiced red cabbage and about to inform you that delia's version freezes very nicely!

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