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Trampoline for Xmas - any votes for Skyhigh?

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TurquoiseTranquility Sat 13-Dec-14 18:47:13

Hi there,

Apologies for a long thread! fblush

DS's been begging for a trampoline for ages so DH reluctantly agreed he can have one for Christmas.
After much research, I had my mind set on an 8x11.5ft Jumpking ovalPOD, but surprise surprise, having checked the dimensions of my garden, it's too big! I mean it would fit but half the garden would be gone. DH's verdict - a decisive no!
(His idea of a perfect trampoline is actually a 3 footer fhmm)
So it's back to square one!
I was originally looking for something no larger than 10ft round, but didn't like the idea of a round one from the start. Yes they say being drawn towards the middle is a "safety feature", but I suspect it's a selling gimmick. How can bouncing off balance and tumbling forward all the time be a safety feature? So I decided I wanted something more responsive with a more precise bounce. Which leaves me with a rectangular, or maybe an octagonal trampoline.
Many websites claim an oval is quite responsive, but a seller admitted to me that an oval is effectively like 2 circles, i.e. if you bounce at either end you'd still be pulled into the centre of that end.

With a budget of £250-350 I'm stuck for choice! There's a 10x7 ft Skyhigh or a 9x6 ft jumpking The jumpking is too small methinks, the actual bouncing surface would only be 7x4 ft. I think that's too tight and too much of a risk they'd be hitting the enclosure a lot! Also, this particular model of jumpking has welded joints, and apparently that's the most frequent cause of frame failure. The skyhigh might be just big enough for them not to bounce into the walls (they are 5 and 2), while not taking up too much space in the garden. I wouldn't want to go for anything smaller tbh.

But - and it's big but - I can't find any reviews for the skyhigh. There are a couple of good reviews for their other models, including one on this old tread[smilie=018.gif]oducts-reviews-505/toys-games-hobbies-reviews-551/605910-best-trampoline-where-please-all.html Plus this article in the Independent But other than that nothing! And they seem like a very small crowd, only two stockists (one of which is their parent company, the Big Game Hunters). Nothing compared to the longevity and distribution network of the jumpking brand. On the plus side tho, their specs seem quite high - 68 7''springs is quite good for a trampoline that size.

My only other options would be perhaps a jumpking octapod but it doesn't have very high specs for the price, and would be a tight squeeze (cue very a unhappy DH fgrin) or a 7x10 ft ovalpod which has a better frame, but like I said I have some reservations for the ovals. Also a 10x7 oval would have a smaller bouncing area than a 10x7 rectangle.

So, has anyone got any experience with Skyhigh? Or BigGameHunters? Or indeed any of my other options?

TracyS70 Fri 26-May-17 13:04:33

just found your thread - what did you decide and were you happy with your choice? I'm having the same dilemma! thanks

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