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Where the hell do I put my Xmas cards?

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Lagoonablue Sat 13-Dec-14 16:31:42

Just that. There are too many. Any ideas?

BIWI Sat 13-Dec-14 16:35:35

Do you have any shelves? We stick ours on the edge of the shelves.

Or get some of those string thingies, with little pegs, and stick those on the wall?

thetooththewholetooth Sat 13-Dec-14 16:36:53

I hang up strings of tinsel and use little pegs to peg them to it.

gamerchick Sat 13-Dec-14 16:37:44

I pin lengths of tinsel along the walls and use that. There's probably a way of doing it that doesn't leave holes though.

RoundRobinSparkles Sat 13-Dec-14 16:38:14

Is this a stealth boast about being so popular, OP? fgrin

Blutack them to the doors? That's what I usually do although I keep forgetting to buy some blutack so they're on the window sills and every time I open the curtains all the bastards fly off fangry.

mumonashoestring Sat 13-Dec-14 16:40:49

I buy the ribbony things with clips and string them across bookshelves (you can push the pins in between the shelf end and the frame of the bookcase), and also push the back 'page' of the card between two books so the front sits across a few book spines.

There's also that sticky red stuff that you can get rolls of to stick in strips to the wall (think it might actually be called StickyStrip) that doesn't damage paintwork or paper.

Scarletbanner Sat 13-Dec-14 16:44:25

Hang up some ribbon and staple the cards to it. Easy peasy.

JustMuddlingBobBobBobbingAlong Sat 13-Dec-14 16:54:13

Stuck up on doors. Pack of blutack 89p in Sainsbury. Got mine today. Although all my cards are still cluttering up the table, I'll do it tomorrow.

Lagoonablue Sat 13-Dec-14 16:58:37

Ha. Not a stealth boast. The cards are mainly the DC's. I don't want holes I. The wall and have tried a string but it sort of droops and looks horrid.

I wanted one of those metal over the door card holders but can't get one anywhere.

I kind of want to keep them all in one place. Thanks for ideas!

RoundRobinSparkles Sat 13-Dec-14 17:21:47

They do the metal over door card holders in Next, I think.

Hang on, I'll have a look...

RoundRobinSparkles Sat 13-Dec-14 17:25:02


beaverbill Sat 13-Dec-14 17:26:49

I put mine in the bin...I have an irrational hatred of Christmas cards!

Eastwickwitch Sat 13-Dec-14 17:27:26

I choose my favourites for the mantelpiece & leave the rest in a basket by the fireplace then put them in the recycling

Coumarin Sat 13-Dec-14 17:27:48

We use double sides sticky felt strips. They stick to doors or walls and you can stick the cards on. Then they peel off without leaving any mark and are reusable. We've had them about 3 years now. £2 from The Range I think.

RoundRobinSparkles Sat 13-Dec-14 17:28:14

<<Crosses Beaverbill off Christmas card list>>

Coumarin Sat 13-Dec-14 17:28:22

Favourites go on the sideboard thing in the dining room.

Coumarin Sat 13-Dec-14 17:31:13

Here you go, I think this is the same stuff. You can't see the red felt once the cards are on.

CyclopsBee Sat 13-Dec-14 17:50:58

I hang them up on selotape strips, but have got a wooden picture rail to stick the pins/blutack in

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sat 13-Dec-14 18:02:28

in the recycle bin blu tac on the door. Only few cards keep up are mum, bro, sister and grandchild

MaryWestmacott Sat 13-Dec-14 18:07:47

Just posted on another thread! I get a length of ribbon (the thicker, proper ribbon, not hte thin shiny gift wrap type), use a flat topped pin and pin it to the top of a door (press down well so the door will actually close!) and staple them to the ribbon.

However, I currently only have 4 this year so might not bother (is no one doing cards this year? Wonderful, wish I knew before sending out fecking loads and paying out for all that postage).

dementedma Sat 13-Dec-14 18:35:38

Don't have many this year. Elderly relatives mostly dead now, and dds no longer at school so no hordes of little cards from their the moment, the ones we have are lying in the kitchen. Must do something with them tomorrow.

BeHoHoHove Sat 13-Dec-14 18:44:13

I got a metal stand shaped like a Christmas tree from Dobbies.
It's got lots of slots to slide cards into and I like it cos I can stick it in a corner out of the way.

BeHoHoHove Sat 13-Dec-14 18:46:58

Like this

RoundRobinSparkles Sat 13-Dec-14 18:51:07

Every year my great auntie and uncle don't put a Christmas tree up - my Great Uncle goes outside and finds a branch off a tree, sprays it silver, stands it up against the wall in their living room and sort of skewers their Chistmas cards on to the little branches. I think they might hang a few baubles from it too.

Could be an option, if you've got a big tree outside? fwink

Gabor7G Sat 13-Dec-14 18:56:07

I used to use sellotape to stick them to the internal doors...until I realised I could read, smile and then put them straight into the recycling fsmile

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