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Help Please Can you Identify this Toy?

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littlewaltham Sat 13-Dec-14 11:14:23

My DD has asked for another one of these for Christmas. I have no idea when or where she got it. Or another one from the set (if it is part of a set she would like the cat).

I said they may no longer be in production but apparently that's no problem as 'Santa has Elves that will make one'

littlewaltham Sat 13-Dec-14 11:15:33

It is approx 6cms long and 4cms wide. thanks

insanityscratching Sat 13-Dec-14 11:17:48

Dd informs me that it's a Puppy in my Pocket. Dd has loads, some I bought from Home Bargains and B&M

insanityscratching Sat 13-Dec-14 11:19:21

Ebay have them on regularly but if you are stuck pm me your address and I'll send you a couple of dd's.

littlewaltham Sat 13-Dec-14 11:19:23

Fantastic! Thanks so much. Happy Christmas ��

littlewaltham Sat 13-Dec-14 11:20:42

I will nip on e bay but thank you for your daughter's very kind offer. Phew!

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Sat 13-Dec-14 12:42:15

Just in case you haven't worked it out, the cat version is called 'Kitty in my pocket'

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