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Urgh, dp's mum wants to know what to get the girls...

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lucysmam Thu 11-Dec-14 20:40:19

around a fiver each (she'll pick up some odds and ends as well). They're almost 5 and almost 8.

Any ideas? fsmile

ZeViteVitchofCwismas Thu 11-Dec-14 21:12:36

not sure for a fiver...

however I did find a superb frozen huge bag thing in tesco extra, £2 and perfect for the frozen dress! very large.

lucysmam Thu 11-Dec-14 21:24:29

oooh, thank you! I'm buying a week bus ticket tomorrow morning so will head to the big Tesco and have a look smile

I have no idea for a fiver either. I spent ages on my lists for them, nothing's overly expensive or anything but I've put a lot of thought into it.

Hmmm, maybe a mooch on amazon & filter toys to a fiver...

elvisola Thu 11-Dec-14 21:30:33

I got my girls the same age a Frozen mug each from Tesco today, they are really pretty and 4.99

lucysmam Thu 11-Dec-14 21:32:45

Excellent! I'll have a look while I'm there, thank-you Elvis.

MsAspreyDiamonds Thu 11-Dec-14 21:41:49

DirtyDancer posted this on the bargains thread. Thr play doh flip & frost playdoh set for �5 from tescod.

WildFlowersAttractBees Thu 11-Dec-14 22:37:16

A cinema voucher?

I got all 3 DC's great sets of books for under £5 each from the book people.

lucysmam Thu 11-Dec-14 22:44:54

A cinema voucher would go down well, I'll have a look in the morning.

My dad's bought them a load of Roald Dahl books I didn't have so have left books for the mo. Maybe the Snow Queen for dd1 though, she enjoyed the film.

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