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Xmas ideas for 11 year old DS

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wearymum73 Wed 10-Dec-14 19:38:05

It's my DS birthday 3 days before Xmas, so I'm completely stuck for 2 present ideas, I refuse to buy him a Xbox, as he has a decent PC, and he spends all his time on that (minecraft, stream etc)
So what else are you buying your 11 year olds for Xmas as a main present this year?

HettyD Wed 10-Dec-14 19:53:34

Hi, my son had birthday a little while ago so between that and christmas he has - laptop and sleeve, new helmet for bike/scooter, books, DVDs (back to the future and national treasure went down v well), hex bugs, hoodie, Yodas lightsaber lamp, remote control truck and some lego!! Does that help?? Hope so!!

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