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explain elf on the shelf

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lickingstars Wed 10-Dec-14 19:17:33

What is this and where has it come from?
I hadn't heard about it at all until this November when an acquaintance started selling them on Facebook.
A quick Google search hasn't helped me.
According to DD2 and DS loads of people in school have them (both in primary school) but they don't seem to know why either. DD1 also hadn't heard of them till the youngest two mentioned them.

I don't understand it at all.
So please come and educate me about elves.

BastardSnowDarkly Wed 10-Dec-14 19:20:51

They're a Shiite Americanism that's going it's way here.

You buy a poxy elf, sit out on a shelf and attempt to convince your kids it's watching them to see if they behave enough for presents.

It also hilariously, gets up to mischief in the night (well, you the parent does shit and tells the kids more lies about that)

(Excuse the misery, I'm a miserable bastard)

bryonyelf Wed 10-Dec-14 19:24:44

Depends how you do it. We have one but he doesn't watch he just does cheeky hints every now and again.

bryonyelf Wed 10-Dec-14 19:25:01

Hints - things.

Davros Wed 10-Dec-14 19:26:57

I was wondering too. Gawd, it sounds awful. One I don't be doing!

lickingstars Wed 10-Dec-14 19:27:05

I thought Santa watched kids to make sure they behaved?

Also is there a reason why all the elves look either ugly or a bit creepy looking like they may kill you in your sleep? Or is that just the ones I have seen.

bryonyelf Wed 10-Dec-14 19:29:17

Just the ones you gave seen. Ours came from the ruby range. Beautiful rag dolls. Ours is called Adam. I don't like the watching and doing something each day so we just do our own thing.

BastardSnowDarkly Wed 10-Dec-14 19:30:40

I agree on the creepiness, but then ALL dolls/puppets feel me out. Especially those Victorian porcelain ones <shudder>

BastardSnowDarkly Wed 10-Dec-14 19:32:10

Freak me out, not feel me out, but I wouldn't put that past them either confused

lickingstars Wed 10-Dec-14 19:32:39

Just googled them bryonyelf and they do seem cuter than the ones I have seen.

Pointlessfan Wed 10-Dec-14 19:37:32

Another way to extract money from us at Xmas I think!

lickingstars Wed 10-Dec-14 19:39:53

Not sure I want to do it but the younger two feel left out so it seems I may have to get one for them.

Chennai Wed 10-Dec-14 19:44:57

I've only heard about this on here and I don't like the thing about elves watching children to see whether they've been good. Yuck.

I never liked the idea of Father Christmas only bringing presents to 'good' children either. Not a message that sits easily with me...

I'm glad this wasn't around when my children were small. Each to their own and I can see that some families have a lot of fun with it but it's not for me!

newrecruit Wed 10-Dec-14 19:46:36

Another bloody ritual to do in December when you're in the middle of every other bloody thing.

If you ask me it's purely for people to be smug on Facebook about how hilariously creative they are.

It's also another fucking thing used to confuse Christmas. It's hard enough convincing DS1 that Santa is real without some kids having one and us not.

Bah humbug.

lickingstars Wed 10-Dec-14 20:08:06

I agree, I have a hard enough time trying to remember to fill stockings / wrap all the presents on Christmas eve and that was with DH here.
This year it's just me and I don't think I will remember/have the creativity to sort the elf out every night.

Singleandproud Wed 10-Dec-14 20:21:08

We've done it for 3 years and for us it really adds some extra Christmas magic and makes Christmas last longer and not just about one present filled day. Our elf doesn't watch and report back but brings presents (cheap Christmas stuff I picked up in Jan)/crafts which we would normally be doing anyway.
Brings the calendars, Christmas tree / decorations, ingredients to make salt dough to make our own secs, Christmas hair bands/ DVD/books
Stuff like making gingerbread (I'd do this on a weekend, get all the ingredients out in the kitchen the night before and have him sat on the table with a little flour on his face etc. set all the happy land/playmobil up and dust with talc so it looks like it's been snowing.

lickingstars Wed 10-Dec-14 20:24:32

singleandproud that sounds lovely. I am now stealing your lovely idea.

Well I am off to find an elf (hopefully a nice looking one)

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