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Help! Boxing Day food ideas for 10

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airhostess Wed 10-Dec-14 09:51:04

I need help! Partner is abroad for the Xmas period so I have my 3yr old and BF newborn plus my parents ( which are no help). Boxing Day I have partners family descending to see the kids. In total will have 10 to feed. Can you tell me what to do for a buffet that's really nice, hardly any prep and quite happy to buy it all in as I feel overwhelmed by it all. Please remember I have to BF baby and entertain 3yr old whilst prepping all of this ( parents find it difficult to entertain 3yr old).

Thank you in advance

Theselittlelightsofmine Wed 10-Dec-14 10:03:01

Party food stuff, buffet style, from Iceland smile

Unexpected Wed 10-Dec-14 13:20:46

Get the Waitrose or M&S Christmas food books (or look online). Even if you don't buy everything in prepared, it gives you good ideas of what is available. If I was doing this, I would do a selection of hams, salamis and other cold cuts, a great cheese board, a bought quiche or savoury tart, one substantial salad (like tomato and mozzarella or a pasta one) and one green salad which you can just throw together yourself. Dress it all up with nice presentation, candles, Christmas napkins etc and get plenty of good-quality rolls/breads from a good supermarket. Don't forget olives, salad dressing, mustard and some chutney. Dessert could be mince pies, pannetone and a large bowl of fruit salad or strawberries (although bit tasteless on their own at this time of year). Use bottles of mulled wine heated through and with a cinnamon stick and a bit of fruit thrown in for effect. Shame your parents are no help - would any of your DP's family offer to bring something with them?

SouthernOne Wed 10-Dec-14 14:45:32

SouthernOne Wed 10-Dec-14 14:48:25

sorry pressed too soon.

If I was catering under those circumstances I'd get a selection from the above and spend what time I do have on presentation.

Taffeta Wed 10-Dec-14 14:50:54

If you have the cash, get it all from Waitrose Entertaining. Preferably all cold so you don't need to involve the oven. People don't expect hit food on Boxing Day IME.

No way I'd be doing anything else with no help and 2 DC so young.

Order ahead though - most stuff you need to order 7-10 days in advance, so next week latest.

TInselaffe Wed 10-Dec-14 15:32:18


I would order the following:

a selection of sliced meats (serve cold, can you get them ready done on the platter?)
some 'posh' salad - coleslaw, Waitrose beetroot (if your budget stretches) is yum, potato salad
normal salad - chop up tomatoes, cucumber, pepper sticks, carrot sticks
ready to go in the oven: stuffing balls; pigs in blankets; sausage rolls; quiche
Optional: nice cheese, pate, crisps/nuts (to nibble whilst everything comes out of the oven)

Plus oven-heat bread (the ready rolls that take ten minutes) in case you can't get out for fresh bread on Boxing Day.

Side options: butter, pickles, pickled onions, gherkins (just leave the kars on the table!)

Pudding: mince pies, order a trifle or chocolate cake. Job done.

Supermarkets have offers on Christmassy disposable plates, napkins and tablecloths at the moment.

Could you also ask people to bring and share leftovers? We invited a few 10 friends over for Boxing Day last year and they brought leftovers even though we hadn't asked as they couldn't eat it all.

TInselaffe Wed 10-Dec-14 15:33:22

Actually, you could forget the bread completely and go for a cracker selection box instead?

bigbluestars Wed 10-Dec-14 15:42:44

Alone and with two young children I would be asking everyone to bring something so you can relax.

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