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Is a mug a boring christmas present?

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saltedcaramelicious Wed 10-Dec-14 08:53:26

I've bought my younger brother his main present (aftershave that he wanted) and need a small little something to go with it.
I've seen a cool 3D Sonic the Hedgehog mug, we used to love Sonic when we were little and played it for hours.
Is a mug a boring gift though?

IHeartKingThistle Wed 10-Dec-14 08:56:35

A random mug would be boring but this will make him giggle and you've obviously put thought into it. Go for it.

FelixFelixNavidad Wed 10-Dec-14 08:57:20

Classic Christmas gift IMO grin I always get one if I've got smallish presents as it bulks them out a bit and you can wrap the smaller presents up inside the mug with cellophane and it looks dead posh. Get the mug!

Lifesalemon Wed 10-Dec-14 10:56:41

I love my own mug. I would be happy with that as a present.

livvagterne Wed 10-Dec-14 10:58:24

I'd quite like one. I saw some nice big bang theory mugs the other day. I should have bought one for a present for somebody.

livvagterne Wed 10-Dec-14 11:00:23

ps, i also like those penguin classic mugs

MsAspreyDiamonds Wed 10-Dec-14 12:32:54

That's fine as a filler gift, just stick some retro sweets inside.

AimlesslyPurposeful Wed 10-Dec-14 12:45:51

If you think it's something he'd appreciate then it's not boring.

My DS3 always buys me a new Emma Bridgewater mug for my birthday and Christmas and I always love them because he chose them.

As a previous poster suggested, can you pop something in the mug? The retro sweets are a good idea or something else that's synonymous with your shared childhoods.

3bunnies Wed 10-Dec-14 12:56:51

I'm giving dd2 (7) a mug with the periodic table on it. For many people that would be a stereotypical awful boring present but I know she will love it. Disclaimer: this is not the only present she will be getting and yes, she is a little 'unique'!

Mugs are great because they get used regularly, you need them and they have a limited shelf life - well they do when you have 3 children and 2 cats and the mugs jump off the shelf!

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