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Ideas for 17 year old niece?

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I'm stumped for what to get her.She had Vera Wang Princess for her birthday (nearly kept it myself..) and a silver and birthstone necklace designed and made just for her as she's had an awful year.So perfume and jewellery are out.

She's a bit girly,bit alternative. Loves clothes and shoes,Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings,Phantom of the Opera (takes after her aunty quite a bit...),likes fun things,loves a bit of 50's style,has varying musical tastes but is mainly into metal/alternative.Has a wicked sense of humour.Intelligent,now Buddhist,quite enjoys a political debate grin and doing general teenage stuff.

Doesn't really need clothes or shoes as I sent her on a shopping spree when she came to visit earlier in year (that girl is fab with bargains!!!)

Any ideas? I've got her 'fun' present (I always do one fun or silly present as,well,it just wouldn't be right not to) which is Where's Boris? - The Boris Johnson version or Where's Wally as she has a bit of a thing about Boris,thinks he's hilarious and manages to weave him into jokes all the time!

Did think about looking into gig or musical theatre production tickets for her but not sure

Merrow Tue 09-Dec-14 18:00:11

Is she anywhere near London? Has she been to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour? I'm going for a second time as they're doing Hogwarts in the snow (geek).

She's in Wiltshire so wouldn't be too much of a trek I guess.That could be an awesome idea grin I'd be very jealous though!

Will look at that now.Thanks

Leeds2 Tue 09-Dec-14 18:13:00

Even if you don't go for the tour, there are lots of HP things she might like in the store, which I presume are available online.

oldestmumaintheworld Tue 09-Dec-14 20:43:01

Hi, what about Topshop vouchers, tickets for Potted Sherlock, baking course (got this for my daughter), sewing ditto, trip to see Roller derby, spa treatment at the Spa in Bath complete with a go in the open air rooftop pool (fabulous in winter. Music to Chicago. Pair of Doc Martins, a visit to Liberty (my kids love this so much my son wants to live there.)

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 09-Dec-14 20:49:59

She's into a lot of things that my DD1 is into. She also wears Princess - it is gorgeous.

DD would love one of these.

Tickets for Wicked or Les Mis?

petitdonkey Tue 09-Dec-14 20:55:40

I bought one niece (now 17) this last year and had it framed, she loved it. This year she has a Longchamps Pliage bag. Her sister (16) had MAC make-up brushes last year ( they will last for years) and this year has an original piece of art from Artfinder.

I then get them both some little goodies - Alexa Chung 'It', Listography, snow globes with photos in, Barry M nail varnish, chocolate reindeers and tiny cute necklaces that I will try to find as I love them!

My nieces are my favourite people to buy for after my children so I always go a bit mad!!

Lots of ideas to look at,thanks.May look at Les Mis or Wicked.I would have got her Phantom of the Opera tickets (always promised I'd take her one day as it was me who introduced her,will just be a long time before I can due to ds!) but I know/think the current Phantom is dreadful compared to previous ones and has a bit of a nasal voice imo can't carry the emotion or personality at all,so have decided not to as I think she'd be disappointed!

Ooh scrap that,I'm a bit behind and the Phantom has changed,just need to work out which one was dreadful.So she may get tickets after all smile

Leeds2 Tue 09-Dec-14 21:16:45

Do you have a link to the baking course, Oldest? DD would love it!

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